Umbrella Academy titles for season 3

Umbrella Academy titles for season 3 revealed (Geeked Week news)

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Netflix revealed the Umbrella Academy titles for season 3 as part of Geeked Week Day 2

Geeked Week continues with Day 2, and we had the titles for The Umbrella Academy season 3 revealed. Unlike other shows taking part, production scheduling meant fans of the show didn’t get any behind the scenes images or even a teaser trailer, but we are where we are.

Those Umbrella Academy titles

Here then are the titles (image from the show’s official Twitter):

In case the graphic isn’t visible on your device, that’s:

301 Meet the Family

302 World’s Biggest Ball of Twine

303 Pocket Full of Lightning

304 Kugelblitz

305 Kindest Cut

306 Marigold

307 Auf Wiedersehen

308 Wedding at the End of the World

309 Six Bells

310 Oblivion

That’s it from Geeked Week for the Umbrella Academy (barring any surprises) as filming only started for season 3 in February. As ever we’ll keep you up to date as we get updates.