UTKV’s Dave launches two new comedy podcasts

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Hypothetical and a show from Edinburgh award winning comic Jordan Brookes are launching next month. 

UK broadcaster Dave is launching a pair of podcasts, building on its own brand of comedy shows.

Hypothetical: The Podcast will expand James Acaster and Josh Widdicombe’s chat beyond the small screen, while Look At What You’ve Done is a comedy interview series from Jordan Brookes.

Dave podcasts Hypothetical

Hypothetical: The Podcast

In Hypothetical: The Podcast with Josh Widdicombe and James Acaster, the tables are turned on Josh and James as they must answer absurd hypothetical questions instead of asking them. In each episode they will be grilled by a comedian guest host and interrogated on their answers.

Of the spin-off, Josh Widdicombe said:

“I have always thought the main issue with the TV show is that you can see me and James. Delighted we have solved this problem with a spin off podcast where you only have to put up with our voices.”

James Acaster added:

“After years of delighting in the panic of our guests, Josh and I can’t wait to see how much easier answering hypotheticals is for a couple of cool cucumbers like us. Bring it on.”

Dave podcasts - Look At What You've Done - Jordan Brookes

Look At What You’ve Done

Look At What You’ve Done sees Dave’s Edinburgh Comedy Award winner Jordan Brookes interview comedy guests from birth… to death! What starts as a traditional podcast chat takes a darkly comic turn as Jordan switches the narrative from fact to surreal fiction and into each guest’s life beyond that precise moment. Think This is Your Life, but with an existential, comedic twist.

Of the new show, Jordan Brookes said:

“I’m delighted to have made this podcast, featuring some ridiculously talented comics who were willing/stupid enough to explore the entirety of their lives with me. I hope you like listening to it as much as we did recording it.”


The two shows will be made available via the Acast network. Hypothetical: The Podcast launches on the 5th of May. Look At What You’ve Done follows later in the month.

We’ll be downloading and look out for them in the monthly CultBox podcast roundup (if they make the grade!)