Vikings: Valhalla BTS (Geeked Week)

Vikings: Valhalla BTS reveal (Geeked Week news)

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Netflix Geeked Week Day 1 brings a Vikings: Valhalla BTS (Behind The Scenes) treat, hosted by Sam Corlett

There’s plenty to look out for during the first Netflix Geeked Week, and one that caught our eye was the Vikings: Valhalla BTS (Behind The Scenes) video.

If you click through this Tweet from @NetflixGeeked, you can see the one minute sequence (which hasn’t made it to YouTube at the time of writing.) The video gives a sense of the scale of a production, and there’s a fascinating mix of old-school wind machines, CGI stages and scenes of actors riding and sailing amongst some fabulous scenery. Netflix is certainly putting in the work on this new series.

Set 100 years (or so) after the events of Amazon’s Vikings, this new Vikings: Valhalla is in some ways about the legacy of Rollo (played on Vikings by Clive Standen) — William the Conqueror, the first Norman King of England, was a direct descendant of Rollo’s and Normandy was formed by the Norsemen who followed Rollo.

It’s a refreshing change to see some of the production work, though we’d also like some idea of when the first season might make it to our screens. As ever we’ll keep you informed as we learn more, until then don’t forget to pay attention for more Geeked Week announcements.