Viva La Madness: Jason Statham’s 10-part TV show finally films next year

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Jason Statham and his company have been developing a television series of Viva La Madness for some time now. It’s based on the book by JJ Connolly, that in turn is the follow up to Layer Cake. Layer Cake was successfully filmed by director Matthew Vaughn, with Daniel Craig in the lead role of the movie adaptation.

2018, though, is the year when Viva La Madness finally gets moving, it seems, with Netflix and Sky teaming up to fund the show. It’s going to be a ten-part drama that Statham will headline, following the lead character coming out of retirement to re-enter a criminal world of drugs and violence.

Filming on the new show will take place in 2018, and we suspect that a 2019 transmission date is likely. Sky is likely to hold broadcast rights in the UK, Netflix overseas.

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