War of the Worlds

War of the Worlds (BBC version) coming to Britbox November 20

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If you didn’t catch the visually stunning BBC version of War of the Worlds earlier this year, it’s coming to Britbox on November 20.

It’s no longer available on iPlayer, and might be just the thing if you haven’t had enough apocalypse in 2020. There’s a strange irony to watching a show about an invasion and global epidemic set in the early 20th century. We’ll let you make your own ironic comments about the chances of anything coming and the current pandemic.

As to BBC’s War of The Worlds, it broadly follows the original HG Wells novel, though gives far greater emphasis to the part of Amy (played by the superb Eleanor Tomlinson). Rafe Spall plays George and his brother is played by Rupert Graves. Robert Carlyle is a little underused as the scientist Ogilvy but that’s a minor complaint. All the key ingredients of the novel are there and his version is far more true to the original than either of the Hollywood versions. We’ve still yet to see the Fox TV version.

There are several interesting angles touched upon but under-examined, including the tussle between science and religion in a post-invasion world. We think HG Wells would have approved, even if some of the earlier digs at the upper classes are a little heavy handed.

The trailer is still available to watch if you haven’t quite made up your mind to give this series a watch.