Duck Tales

Now you can watch an episode of DuckTales in 360-degrees

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A special episode of DuckTales was uploaded to Disney XD’s YouTube channel recently, and it’s short, slight and multi-dimensional. It’s also one of those bobble-head inducing 360-degree videos.

You can drag and drop the camera’s orientation to choose where it is pointing, and therefore what part of the story – or, if you’re unlucky – empty space you’re looking at. Who needs hundreds of years of amassed human understanding of storytelling through composition when there’s a New Thing to play with?

Leave the camera unmolested and it will tilt and pan by itself, giving you what might be termed the optimum, best-told version of the episode. Or maybe not – the only way to find out is to experiment.

I’m sure the clip would be particularly engaging through a pair of VR goggles but we’re at least a month or two away from the launch of CultBox VR so let’s just stick with the 360 YouTube for now.

DuckTales airs on Disney DX, where its episodes are longer, less claustrophobic and that bit deeper. It’s an alright show, actually, as these things go. It’s no Gravity Falls and Carl Barks most certainly remains unchallenged as the bard of Calisota, but it’s definitely not dreck.