Watch first full trailers for SyFy’s Deadly Class and The Purge – SDCC

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What is more American than The Purge?

That’s the question posed by the first full trailer for SyFy’s upcoming TV spin-off of The Purge film franchise. Released at San Diego Comic-Con over the weekend, it’s a glimpse of how the concept of a lawless night taking place every year can translate to the small screen.

“Time is the biggest factor on a very practical level. We had 10 hours to explore things we couldn’t even attempt to do in the movie,” said creator James DeMonaco. “That gives us the real estate to get into characters more and use a flashback structure to go off purge.

“Here we go back five years before the purge, 3 months before the purge, 2 days before the purge. So we’ll see how this society exists within the purge landscape.bIt allows us to go deeper into the world and explore beyond the one night.”

Also screened during the convention, and subsequently released online, was a lengthy look at Deadly Class, based on the popular comic of the same name.

Executive producer Joe Russo told the San Diego crowd: “We’ve been huge fans of the book and huge fans of Rick Remender and we’ve put a lot of time and thought and energy and passion into bringing that book to the screen as authentically as possible.”