Wednesday: Enid and Wednesday in their room

Wednesday – Netflix reveals the Addams Family show’s new faces (updated)

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The wider Addams universe welcomes werewolves, a siren… and a talented barista. 

(Updated 10/11/22): As the series launch inches closer, we get a look at the title sequence for Wednesday and go behind-the-scenes at Nevermore Academy.

With a terrific Danny Elfman arrangement, the Wednesday titles take the familiar Addams Family theme and blends it into something far more expansive.

Running to just over a minute, there’s plenty of time for the show’s lengthy cast list. That plays out against an animated sequence from the mind of Tim Burton; it showcases series elements including a gothic graveyard, a crystal ball and even a guillotined teddy bear head!

Welcome to Nevermore

Additionally, Netflix have also dropped a behind-the-scenes video looking at the Nevermore Academy location, with some information on the inspiration behind the set designs.

The show arrives at Netflix on Wednesday 23rd November.

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Wednesday - Jenna Ortega

Wednesday – Netflix reveals the Addams Family show’s new faces

The countdown to Wednesday is now properly underway – the show arrives on 23rd November. With that in mind, Netflix are lifting the (coffin) lid on the show’s newest faces.

Shifting away from the Addams Family mansion, the story primarily takes place at the Nevermore Academy in Jericho, a school for the gifted that just happens to be Morticia and Gomez’s alma mater.

In a piece on their Tudum site, the streamer provides a rundown of the show’s stars. While we’re familiar with the family, it’s the profiles of Wednesday and her teenage classmates that particularly intrigue.

As well as Wednesday, who has burgeoning psychic abilities, we’re set to meet a werewolf, a painter whose creations literally jump off the canvas and a siren who must keep her powers in check. Additionally, there’s a ‘normie’ – a talented barista from Jericho’s coffee shop named Tyler who has a dark past.

Wednesday: Gwendoline Christie as Larissa Weems

The Tudum piece also discusses Gwendoline Christie’s Principal Larissa Weems, who has a history with the Addams family – referring to Morticia as her former nemesis.

A handy confidant

Wednesday won’t be all alone at her new school though, with the family’s disembodied hand, Thing, joining her. Rather than a CGI creation, the show has cast Romanian hand trick magician Victor Dorobantu to play the role. This was at the insistence of director Tim Burton, as co-showrunner Miles Millar explains:

“… when you write a very emotional scene between Wednesday and a disembodied hand, you hope it is going to play on-screen. It’s really a tribute to Jenna and Victor that you really get that connection and sense of deep friendship.” 

Joining Jenna Ortega’s Wednesday, the show stars Catherine Zeta-Jones (Morticia), with Luis Guzman (Gomez) and Isaac Ordonez (Pugsley). Fred Armisten is playing Uncle Fester, with former movie Wednesday Christina Ricci also in the cast as Miss Thornhill, a Nevermore’s teachers.

With the first four episodes directed by Tim Burton, Wednesday lands at Netflix on Wednesday 23rd November.