Wolfblood: no new series in 2018, confirms its creator

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The BAFTA-winning CBBC success story Wolfblood is up to five series and counting so far. The show, since its debut in 2012, has built up a legion of fans, with it being that rarest of beasts: a British genre show aimed at a teen audience.

That said, since series five finished in May, after a ten episode run, there’s been no news on a further season. The show’s creator, Debbie Moon, seems keen to put one together, but CBBC hasn’t yet commissioned a new run.

In a new update on her blog, Moon has explained that the show remains in limbo – but it hasn’t been cancelled.

“CBBC haven’t commissioned a new season (yet), and all their 2018 shows are already filming. So there won’t be a new season of Wolfblood in 2018”, Moon wrote. “But they haven’t officially cancelled the show either. So they could come back to me at any moment and ask me to start work on a new season. Though now it wouldn’t be on TV until 2019 at the earliest, of course”.

The five seasons to date, as she points out, are extensively available via iPlayer, disc and television repeats. We’ll keep you posted if we hear of a season six order.

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