‘Fortitude’ review: Corruption and heartbreak are on the cards in Season 2 Episode 6

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Michael and Hildur meet with Fortitude’s scientific community to discuss the files from Vukobejina. In 1942, an attack similar to the wasp plague was reported in the Russian town, which killed all but one man.

The individual survived his infection and displayed unprecedented tissue regeneration, as well as aggression that resulted in the deaths of 16 people. Hildur notices that Khatri is unsurprised by the potential scientific breakthrough, and that all the town’s problems seem to be connected to one another.

Meanwhile, Michael heads out onto the ice with Rune and Yeva to investigate, whilst his wife Freya continues to harbour Vladik from the police. Dan and Elena are also in hiding, and Dan recounts how he chained himself up after the wasp attack to resist the impulse to kill.

After Petra arrests Dan, she tells him a local myth about plagues sent down by the gods and a demon that rises in their aftermath. If these plagues were the wasp attacks, are Dan and the survivor of the incident in 1942 the ‘demons’ of the stories?

Erling Munk is under the thumb of Shentel Biotech, the company for which Dr. Khatri conducts her unethical experiments. It is essential to her and the company that Elena is recovered, and so Khatri orders Munk to start a search for the missing woman.

With Eric under pressure and Hildur on Munk’s trail, the couple’s marital problems are obstructing the progress of the case. Eric tells Hildur he’s prepared to wait for her to love him again, but flies off the handle when she tells him of Munk’s corruption.

Eric’s not entirely unjustified- though the audience knows of Munk’s connection to Shentel Biotech, Eric has no reason to suspect him. The couple devolve into a physical fight, and it’s a particularly disturbing scene now it’s clear that this will be the last time Eric sees Hildur alive.

Chekhov’s gun dictates that if a giant hole in the ice is discovered, someone is going to fall through it. What wasn’t obvious was whose untimely demise it would cause. After confronting Munk about his corruption, Hildur is pushed to her death by the unscrupulous politician.

Hildur Odegard was Fortitude’s most likeable citizen, and her loss will damage both the town and the show itself. Sofie Gråbøl’s performance has held season two together after the departure of Stanley Tucci and Michael Gambon. The team behind Fortitude will have to be careful to ensure the show survives her absence.

As for the town, the loss of Hildur is more than simply sad. This latest death could tear Fortitude apart, or bring it together to take down Munk, Khatri, and the mysterious ‘demon’ stalking the community. Is losing Hildur what it takes to heal Fortitude? Only time will tell.

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