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‘Fortitude’ review: Season 2 Episode 8 is an uneven chapter

An uneven chapter of Fortitude, this week’s episode contains some flashes of brilliance amongst its cruder plot developments. Vladik puts the final preparations in place for his ritual, though takes the time to murder a few unfortunate witnesses and give Elena a makeshift funeral. It’s a relief to see someone treat the much-maligned Elena like … >

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‘Fortitude’ review: Season 2 Episode 7’s final moments are filled with shock and grief

After Hildur’s dramatic exit last week, her fate is the elephant in the room throughout Season 2’s seventh instalment. In a poignant episode, Hildur’s friends and family continued to investigate the strange events in Fortitude without knowing of her murder. The police discover that murdered barman Tomak was behind the murder of a pharmaceutical worker, … >

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‘Fortitude’ review: Corruption and heartbreak are on the cards in Season 2 Episode 6

Michael and Hildur meet with Fortitude’s scientific community to discuss the files from Vukobejina. In 1942, an attack similar to the wasp plague was reported in the Russian town, which killed all but one man. The individual survived his infection and displayed unprecedented tissue regeneration, as well as aggression that resulted in the deaths of … >

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‘Fortitude’ review: There’s murder, betrayal, and grief in Season 2 Episode 5

Although previous chapters have felt obscure and frustrating at times, this week’s episode is tightly plotted and anxiety inducing throughout. Escaped prisoner Tavrani is found dead, surrounded by occult markings. Whilst the town mourns Bianca Munkyo, the man with no face interrupts the wake at The Blue Fox by nailing Tavrani’s tongue to the windowsill. … >

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‘Fortitude’ review: Season 2 Episode 4 dials up the tension

The fourth episode of Fortitude Season 2 slowly reveals more depths of its central mystery, but provides plenty of conflict to satisfy the audience. Rune finally reveals his connection to Lazlo Hindemith- he visited the apartment where Hindemith manufactured muskimo, a drug made of the urine of reindeer that have been fed hallucinogenic mushrooms. It … >

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‘Fortitude’ review: Season 2 Episode 3 has better character development than plot

In this week’s episode, the second season of Fortitude slows its pace and focuses on its living residents. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Eric survived his encounter with Tavrani the taxidermist, who pulled a gun on the acting sheriff last week. After his attempted escape is foiled by Ingrid, Tavrani’s interrogation reveals a potentially supernatural element to the killing. … >

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