‘Fortitude’ review: Season 2 Episode 8 is an uneven chapter

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An uneven chapter of Fortitude, this week’s episode contains some flashes of brilliance amongst its cruder plot developments.

Vladik puts the final preparations in place for his ritual, though takes the time to murder a few unfortunate witnesses and give Elena a makeshift funeral. It’s a relief to see someone treat the much-maligned Elena like a human being, if only in death.

Michael returns the soldier’s body to Fortitude and finds the stash of muscimol ingredients Yeva tried to take. Michael and Ingrid finally realise that Freya was harbouring Vladik and set out to find her, deducing somewhat conveniently that Vladik will take her to a secluded space like the mines.

After discovering the body of his wife, Eric is all but incapacitated by grief. It’s frustrating to watch Eric’s ignorance, unknowingly hugging Hildur’s killer and labelling her death as a suicide he indirectly caused. Thankfully, Ingrid and Petra realise that Hildur’s car is missing and that consequently her demise is highly suspicious.

With Dan back on the force, Fortitude’s police are making quick progress of the case. Dan concludes that the recent security upgrades to the station must be related to whoever mutilated Tavrani and is able to find out Vladik’s name.

In one episode, Dan’s able to move the case further than the team have all series. Without Dan as a leader, Fortitude’s police fails to function. How will they cope if Dan’s transformation renders him Fortitude’s newest enemy?

In a slightly melodramatic subplot, Vincent wakes up from his one night stand with Ingrid, who is clearly more interested in a relationship than he is. Natalie is clearly hurt by Vincent’s behaviour, but by the end of the episode she has bigger things to worry about than romantic mishaps.

Dr. Khatri and her unwilling accomplice Erling Munk realise that Natalie knows too much, and Khatri laces her water with a dangerous chemical. In an eery parallel to Vincent’s blindness, Natalie is left bleeding from her eyes in the Blue Fox.

Like Hildur and Elena before her, Natalie trusts someone she shouldn’t and pays the price for her findings. Can she escape where they did not?

When not busy poisoning innocent scientists, Dr. Khatri spends her time attempting to rehabilitate genetically altered police officers. Khatri informs Dan that he survived the parasitic wasp attack at a terrible cost, a genetic mutation that has already given him violent tendencies.

After Dan declines her offer for help, Khatri takes matters into her own hands and kidnaps Dan. Unfortunately for Khatri, she’s not the only one after Dan, and is tazed by Vladik before she can truly begin her experiments.

Vladik remains convinced that science cannot save Dan’s body, but his faith can save Dan’s soul. Whatever Vladik’s ritual may be, it’s unlikely to be pleasant for Fortitude’s sheriff.

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