‘Primeval’: Series 4 Episode 3 review

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If you fancy a relaxing trip to the theatre, it might be an idea not to invite the Primeval crew along with you…The third installment of the re-launched series sees the team face off against a tree climbing lizard as well as setting up a couple of interesting plot arcs.

The episode starts with a mysterious trio arriving through the portal, with one fatally injured. The woman, Emily, pleads with Ethan that they have to return to the “others as it’s the rules”, but before the viewer can learn these rules, the ARC team are on their way.

Matt is first on the scene, where he follows Emily through the anomaly. This gives us our first glimpse of the monster of the week, and following rather lacklustre creatures in the first two episodes, this one is fairly threatening, with its speed, agility, sharp teeth and odd grunting noises. However, the less said about Matt’s woeful acting skills whilst trying to stab one with a tiny penknife, the better.

After Matt and Emily get back through to the present day, it may seem all is well again. However, inevitably it appears some of the monsters have got through and, with this set-up in place, the rest of the episode sees the team chasing after them. Formulaic though this may be, these scenes are well done and Abby’s way of taking out the monster in the theatre is particularly pleasing.

Connor’s subplot of putting the ARC into lockdown may not be particularly exciting, but it does introduce a potentially interesting plot point when the apparently dying Philip mentions a secret project by the name of “New Dawn”, and also has a sweet moment involving Abby and Connor’s password. Apart from this, Connor’s storyline is just filler to pass the time between the action scenes, which is shame as Connor is worth much more than this.

Overall, the third episode is a great improvement on the disappointing opening episodes and we’re glad to see the show getting its bite back. As well as an interesting monster, we’re nicely teased about what is to come in regard to “New Dawn” and whether Matt and Emily will find the rather sinister Ethan, who is apparently “broken and means no-one is safe”…

Airs at 7pm on Saturday 8th January 2011 on ITV1.

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