‘The Crown’ review: Perfect TV for period drama fans missing ‘Downton Abbey’

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For all Downton Abbey fans who are still feeling bereft: take comfort – The Crown is now on Netflix.

Ten sumptuous episodes that provide an intimate look at the early years of the reign of Queen Elizabeth II. The sets are a feast for the eyes, the acting is brilliantly nuanced, and the writing and staging are clever and, at times, poetic.

This show has inspired this reviewer to wear a triple strand of pearls and a broach every day this week and sent her to the internet in search of a pair of kid leather dress gloves. The Brits–especially the Royals–have always known how to rock a uniform or a tiara.

Here are 10 ten facts highlighted by The Crown

  1. The Queen received no formal, general education. Her studies centred on the constitutional basis of the monarchy–and she was an expert on the subject. She found herself ill prepared, however, to carry on conversations with heads of state and other dignitaries.
  2. The Queen enjoyed almost no family support as she shouldered her tremendous responsibilities while only in her twenties: her grieving mother was distant and disinterested; her sister was jealous and rebellious; and her husband was often drunk and self-absorbed.
  3. The Queen’s staff was more interested in preserving and serving the monarchy and long-established protocol than in aiding and assisting her. Her “work family” wasn’t must better than her biological family.
  4. The one bright spot was her relationship with Winston Churchill. This film adaptation portrays a mutual admiration society. They respected each other and offered encouragement that was kindly meant and graciously accepted.
  5. The Queen had the knowledge, instincts, and aptitude to make a living breeding race horses. Her education may not have had a wide scope, but she was intelligent and very capable.
  6. Winston Churchill was a vain man. Brilliant–a giant of his century–but with faults like the rest of us.
  7. The Queen was an intrepid traveller and didn’t fuss or whine about her schedule or the conditions she faced. How many of today’s celebrities could have kept up with her?
  8. The Queen was not allowed the time to enjoy bringing up her own children. By today’s standards, this seems incomprehensible.
  9. The government is the efficient; the monarchy is the dignified. An apt description.
  10. Living at Buckingham Palace would be like living in an office building (albeit a very nicely appointed one). The lack of privacy would be stifling.

The Crown is a must for history buffs, Anglophiles, and anyone who enjoys a well-told story. And now I’m back to the internet to search for a knock-off tiara.


All 10 episodes are available to watch on Netflix now.

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