‘Tina and Bobby’ Episode 3 review: ITV’s lovely Bobby Moore drama concludes

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ITV’s Tina and Bobby concludes tonight with an episode that highlights the tumultuous final years of the couple’s relationship, including business failures, Bobby’s retirement from football and the eventual end of the couple’s marriage.

“Welcome to Morlands,” exclaims Tina (Michelle Keegan), in the episode’s opening moments, as she invites her friends into the couple’s lavish new home. The opening minutes highlight the couple at their best: wealthy, business savvy and admired by everyone. These are all things that are sadly extinguished as the episode continues.

“£50,000 fee. I’d be letting my club down if I let you go for free.”

Moving into investment, Tina is dismayed to realise that a property business venture they got involved with has put them £100,000 in the red. The struggles just keep on coming though, and the debt created from their failed business venture means that Bobby has to tender his resignation from England in an effort to stay financially afloat.

An event that causes no end of friction as Bobby is ditched for Graham Taylor as manager of Watford (including a tongue in cheek reference to club owner, Elton John) and eventually takes on a diminished coaching role at Oxford City.

Despite turning to drink and with rumours of Bobby having an affair, Tina remains resolute that she wants to try for her family. However, her loyalty is proved fruitless when she calls Bobby in Hong Kong and a woman answers the phone.

“Who is she? Where did you meet? How long has it been going on?”

The revelation of Bobby’s affair is a particular low point for the character, but a strong point for Bobby actor, Lorne McFadyen. His layered portrayal draws out the selfish and aggressive change in Bobby’s character and works towards the heartbreak as Tina fights to save their marriage, despite her own feelings.

In a lovely case of book ending, “Welcome to Morlands” is said by Tina once more, as she sells off all of the things in the house in an attempt to feel better about her marriage and feelings towards Bobby. This is a lovely, if sad, way to highlight how far the couple have grown apart in the years between.

“We’ve got our whole lives ahead of us, Tina.”

Theirs is a genuinely bittersweet story. Anyone aware of their history will know of their struggles and Tina and Bobby does all it can to focus on the couple’s, often dramatic events. One particular dinner scene has the couple quietly eating and discussing their son Dean’s truancy, implying that he is somewhat troubled. This is a subtle but poignant reference to Dean Moore’s tragic passing at 43 in 2011.

Tina and Bobby has been a respectful, if somewhat overly romanticised, look at a couple’s struggle to hold it together in the face of celebrity, wealth, influence and national popularity.

Some lovely performances and stunning direction by Not Another Happy Ending director John McKay made this miniseries a lovely addition to their legacy.

Aired at 9pm on Friday 27 January 2017 on ITV.

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