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Electric Dreams: Autofac review

Spoilers for Autofac Electric Dreams, the sci-if anthology series, based on acclaimed author Philip K Dick’s short stories, returns to our screens with dystopian future tale, Autofac. “The world’s smartest factory” To set the scene, Autofac takes place on post-war Earth, sometime in the future, where the remaining humans having colonised. Autofac, a sentient supply … >

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The Party’s Just Beginning review: Karen Gillan’s movie directorial debut

Debuting as part of the 2018 Glasgow Film Festival, Karen Gillan’s directorial debut The Party’s Just Beginning, explores the life of an emotionally muted twenty something, whose best friend committed suicide almost a year to the day. Guardians Of The Galaxy star Gillan is Liusaidh, a 24 year old Inverness girl, whose bleak outlook on life … >

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Strike – Career of Evil, part one review (Spoilers)

Here’s our spoiler-filled review of Strike – Career of Evil, part one. Returning to our screens for the first time since September last year, Strike’s final story of this series, Career Of Evil, sees our detective duo facing the ghosts of personal tragedies that begin to boil over into their work. “He threatened to cut … >

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‘Little Boy Blue’ review: Episode 2 is authentic and brutal storytelling

Following on from last week’s heartbreaking introduction, ITV’s Little Boy Blue shifts the focus of the story in this second episode, but is no less emotionally impactful as a result. “A killer whose identity everybody knows, but who we cannot charge. People are getting frustrated by our perceived lack of progress.” While last week’s opener, quite … >

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‘Death in Paradise’ Season 6 finale review

As we end our 2017 stay on Saint Marie, things take a decidedly softer pace for this week’s Death in Paradise mystery. Sadly this doesn’t make for a closing episode with much bite. “We’re not in London anymore, Dad. You have to expect things to be a bit different.” The episode does have many redeeming … >

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