‘Torchwood: Miracle Day’: Episode 10 spoiler-free review

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The finale finally flashes across our screens, with flailing bodies, fiery stand-offs and fury from the deep. Miracle Day goes out in a remarkable style that only Torchwood could possibly deliver.


Harkness and Co. have split up, with Rex and Esther in Buenos Aires and Gwen and Jack in Shanghai. On opposite sides of the world our heroes have tracked down The Blessing, an almost vaginal entrance/exit in the fabric of the Earth, via some nifty blood magnetism.

Inevitably, their plan does not go to, well, plan and even when Jack thinks he’s onto a winner, another twist presents itself. In fact, there are numerous turns that the final installment of this ten-parter throws up throughout, even in the dying moments.

But you don’t want to be spoiled!

One of the most refreshing points about the series is that child-killer Oswald Danes, at no point, is redeemed. Sure, at times, we may have sympathised with him; dare I say, even liked him. But the finale will leave you in no doubt that this man is an absolute monster. Bill Pullman, as always, is on top, yet disgustingly vile, form. Credit to the writers for keeping true to his character.

Elsewhere Lauren Ambrose, PR babe Jilly Kitzinger, is also pleasingly rigid; finding solace with The Families and acting just a little bit crazy (but adorably so). The actress is on fire here and a particular smackdown with another female cast member will no doubt keep the heterosexual contingent happy.

Showrunner Russell T Davies’ style is all over the end of Miracle Day: we have the insanely large set-pieces (a mission that spans two sides of the world); broad science-fiction, engaging characters and wonderfully touching quiet moments (usually amid the world ending).

Gwen takes centre stage when it comes to these moments as the world collapses around her (literally) and we hear her beautiful monologue (that girl needs to release an album of them!) together with the incredibly stirring sounds of composer Murray Gold, who has produced an incredible soundtrack to match the incredible visuals.

The climax to the ten episodes won’t disappoint, taking place in an enormous scene spanning the globe (not to mention through it) with sacrifices to be made and shocks emerging every few seconds.

The televisual landscape will certainly be a poorer place without Torchwood‘s hugely entertaining antics every week and the imagination of Russell T Davies brightening it up with his unique brand of sci-fi, comedy and drama. We can only hope that Davies has Plan B up his sleeve and a new series in 2012.

Airs at 9pm on Thursday 15th September 2011 on BBC One (UK) and at 10pm on Friday 9th September 2011 on Starz (US).

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