‘Whitechapel’: Series 4 Episode 5 review

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With the body in the sewers missing vital organs, we enjoyed another scene-stealing appearance by the heavily pregnant Dr Llewellyn (Clare Rushbrook), grumbling that she did not fit down the manhole. Her assessment that the runner had been killed in situ raised troubling issues, particularly for the cleanliness-obsessed Chandler (Rupert Penry-Jones) who appeared to be enduring a waking nightmare in the tunnels. Worse, of course, came with the discovery of strung up entrails and it is a testament to the bond between Chandler and Miles (Phil Davis) that the older man was able to calm him down.

With his intent to prove the existence of the mythical Black Swine, the cryptozooologist camera owner was off the hook, but his notion that something endures in the sewers is a potent one and the shadowy figures we saw take the next victims were very disturbing indeed.

Still suffering from his ordeal, Buchan (Steve Pemberton) was feeling the strain and his usually robust theories took a pummelling from the incident room. Riley too continued to dodge front line duties, but Miles insistence that she have her boil lanced seemed to trigger her transformation into a positive force. As well as admitting her fears, she was able to both console Buchan and talk a heartbroken Mansell down from a ledge. Quite what Kent has said to poison his colleague’s relationship with his sister remains to be seen, but given his track record it is probably only the truth.

Finally pushed to breaking point, and with the aid of the Cryptozoologist’s camera, Miles acted to discover what has been demonising him. Can there really be something spectral in the station? A secular explanation certainly eludes us, but must involve all that dripping water. Alternatively, might the old woman who seems to haunt their investigations, spotted again watching Miles and Chandler, be involved?

There is lots of potential here for a barnstorming series finale next week, which not only has to resolve the mystery of Miles’ demon, but also explain Wingfield’s map and deal with Chandler’s increasingly fragile mental state. First though, we need to confirm exactly what that journalist has been cooking, so make sure you have your tea before you watch, just in case. We strongly suggest something vegetarian.

Aired at 9pm on Wednesday 2 October 2013 on ITV.

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