‘Whitechapel’: Series 4 Episode 5 review

Following the pattern that grisly discoveries occur when the Whitehapel gang are socialising, this final tale began amid a “Zombie Apocalypse” team building exercise.

Not that we were initially aware, joining them fleeing from the undead hordes with Buchan and Miles worryingly immersed in the game. It was a smart move, serving to highlight this fractured team’s plight. If such an event does not truly exist for corporate jollies, it really ought to!

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‘Whitechapel’: Series 4 Episode 4 review

The second part of this face-skinning story begins at quite a pelt, as our witness link from the previous episode is made within the first few minutes. After her input, Buchan’s disgust is palpable at a link to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, drawing on a work of lurid fiction rather than his treasured archive of fact.

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‘Whitechapel’: Series 4 Episode 2 review

Striking a decidedly supernatural tone, Series 4’s opening two-part tale drew to a close with a rational, scientific explanation for the Witchfinder murders, before expertly throwing all the cards up in the air once again.

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