Top 10 tracks on the ‘Doctor Who’ Series 6 soundtrack album

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Let’s not waste Time: the soundtrack to Doctor Who‘s sixth series is, without a Vashta Nerada’s shadow of a doubt, composer Murray Gold’s finest work on the series to date.

Soaring choral pieces, intimate emotional moments, dark and foreboding notes of what is to come; it’s a score that emulates the variety and grandeur of Steven Moffat’s ambitious vision for the show.

From the dust and death of Utah, to the collapse of a reality that was never meant to be, all 66(!) tracks on the album form a wonderful musical journey, and though every one is worthy of your attention here are 10 highlights that your ears definitely shouldn’t miss…


The Doctor in Utah

Just as superb an opening to the album as it was to the series, the 11th Doctor’s already iconic theme is given an American flavour with the twang of electric guitar. Electric guitars are cool.



You really sense the bravery and inevitability of the Doctor’s ‘death’ on the shores of Lake Silencio here. The lone trumpet and guitar giving a feeling of a gunfighter’s last stand in the old West, it then transitions into the familiar solo vocal that we’ve come to associate with the Doctor’s regeneration.


Deadly Siren

Gold’s clearly taken a lot of musical inspiration from Hans Zimmer’s Pirates of the Caribbean, but that’s no bad thing. It was for a piratical episode after all, and listening to this you can practically feel the timbers creaking and a-shivering beneath yer boots, shipmate.


Loving isn’t Knowing

A suite from The Almost People, it’s a great musical representation of the landscape of the episode; from the brooding tones of the acid mine to a nerve-shredding assault of scraping strings at the cliffhanger ending.


Tell Me Who You Are

The reveal of just who River Song was demanded a piece of music that was at once both intimate and grandly revelatory, and boy does Murray Gold hit that target, as the delicate strings and piano emerge like a secret before soaring into a triumphant brass fanfare of the 11th Doctor’s theme sure to give you goosebumps.


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