‘Being Human’: Series 3 episode guide

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George, Annie and Mitchell return to BBC Three for a third series of Being Human in January. Annie is played by Lenora Crichlow, George by Russell Tovey, Nina by Sinead Keenan and Mitchell by Aidan Turner.

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Episode 1: ‘Lia”
Sunday 23rd January 2011, 9pm

When you’ve spent the last few years sharing a house with a vampire and werewolves, you would imagine life couldn’t get any weirder. But Annie, the ghost who has so far escaped the clutches of death, finds herself in even stranger surroundings at the start of the third series: trapped in purgatory, waiting to hear her fate.

Meanwhile, Annie’s best friends and former housemates – werewolf couple George and Nina, and reformed vampire Mitchell – are hoping for a fresh start by moving to Wales. Surely if anywhere can provide a haven for them, a place where they can pass under the radar, it’s the seaside town of Barry?

Leaving the memories of their much-loved house in Bristol behind, George, Nina and Mitchell settle into their new home – a kitsch B&B named Honolulu Heights that boasts many benefits for supernatural sharers; a large basement providing a safe and sheltered environment on a full moon, for one.

Mitchell, however, is finding it hard to settle in. He’s struggling with the guilt of his bloodthirsty revenge at the end of the last series, but – most importantly – he’s missing Annie. Determined to get her back Mitchell enters purgatory, where he meets Lia. Though sweet and sparky, Lia lets Mitchell into a dark secret that threatens to haunt him day and night, and to tear his friendships apart…


Episode 2: ‘Adam’s Family’
Sunday 30th January 2011, 9pm

Most teenagers are reliant on their parents – for lifts, dinner and money – but teenage vampire Adam is more reliant than most: he needs to drink his parents’ blood to survive. With his mother having passed away a few years ago, and his father now seriously ill and frail in hospital, Adam is hungry. In an attempt to avoid a randy teenage vampire hunting for blood on the streets, werewolf couple Nina and George take him in temporarily – hoping that Mitchell might be able to help him.

An immature vampire is the last thing that Mitchell needs. The Old Vampires have tracked him down through a local agent, and have made him an offer that would see him leave his past far behind. With the aftermath of the Box Tunnel 20 continuing to haunt him, it’s tempting. But it would mean leaving Annie, and she has other plans for her new-found hero.

Appointing herself as Mitchell’s guardian angel after he gallantly rescued her from purgatory, Annie has made it her mission to help him – and a new job is first on the list. Help from a ghost, however, could turn out to be more of a hindrance…

When Adam’s father dies, it’s the end of his reliable food supply. Determined to help him, George and Nina leave him in the care of vampire couple Richard and Emma, who have devised a way to feed without killing. Their plush country house, however, conceals a lifestyle that is less than savoury.


Episode 3:‘Type 4’
Sunday 6th February 2011, 9pm

While on her regular midnight stroll Annie draws the attentions of a mouthy drunk girl, Sasha, who starts ranting at her and follows her home. With Sasha’s putrid smell and rotting face, the housemates realise she’s no ordinary human being, nor is she a ghost. She’s a zombie: not living, not dead, instead stuck in a decomposing corpse.

Sasha is in denial about her condition and sets about flirting with Mitchell, but he’s preoccupied with another person without a pulse … Annie. Mitchell suspects Annie fancies him and is afraid of what it might mean for their friendship.

He has also attracted the attentions of a super-fan, Graham, who holds him up as a hero for the Box Tunnel 20 massacre. While seeming harmless initially, Graham’s behaviour soon becomes stalker-like – and with him having so much knowledge about his idol, he could become a potential danger to the friends. Meanwhile, George and Nina discover something potentially life-changing…


Episode 4:‘The Pack’
Sunday 13th February 2011, 9pm

With Nina pregnant by her boyfriend, George, they’re keen to know exactly what might be growing inside her – and whether her forthcoming transformation on the full moon is going to affect it.

Having spotted a young werewolf in the woods, the couple set out to find him to see if he can help them with their questions. They find McNair, who is less than forthcoming with information.

Annie and Mitchell, meanwhile, are finding it difficult to make the transition from friends to boyfriend and girlfriend – especially as Annie is a ghost. Desperate to have a normal relationship with all that it entails, Annie comes up with a plan to get Mitchell hot and bothered in the bedroom.

Having been kept isolated from the rest of the world, McNair’s son, Tom, is excited by the prospect of more werewolves and goes to find George and Nina. His presence in Honolulu Heights, however, is not welcomed by Mitchell – the “werewolf-shaped bullet” premonition hanging heavy on his mind. Could McNair, with his open hatred of vampires, be Mitchell’s ultimate nemesis?


Episode 5: ‘The Longest Day’
Sunday 20th February 2011, 9pm

While working in the hospital psychiatric ward, George stumbles across someone he never thought he’d see again. He meets Herrick, the most chilling and dangerous of the vampires – who he tore to shreds and killed months ago.

George is dumbfounded and terrified. How on Earth could Herrick be back from the dead? And surely he will want to wreak bloody revenge on him and his friends?

Mitchell is becoming more and more obsessed with the Box Tunnel 20 and preoccupied with the prophesy, told to him by Lia, that he will be killed by a “werewolf-shaped bullet”. He is equally stunned by Herrick’s presence – but soon realises his old blood brother holds the key to something that he desperately needs to know…

With Herrick lurking in the attic masquerading as Nina’s Uncle Billy, it seems things can’t get much worse for the spooked housemates. That is, until harassed social worker Wendy turns up – to assess the friends’ suitability to look after their newest lodger.


Episode 6:‘Daddy Ghoul’
Sunday 27th February 2011, 9pm

George finds out that his dad, George Sr, who he hasn’t seen for three years, has died. Bringing back memories of his old life – before the werewolf curse – George decides to pay his respects at his dad’s service.

After Nina has tipped off the police about Mitchell’s involvement in the Box Tunnel 20 massacre, a young policewoman, Nancy, arrives to question him. Annie is angered that anyone would want to try and implicate Mitchell and is determined to get to the bottom of the crime herself.

Herrick, meanwhile, is lurking in the attic – his thirst for blood getting more and more unbearable.


Episode 7: ‘Though The Heavens Fall’
Sunday 6th March 2011, 9pm

Nancy’s investigation into the Box Tunnel massacre continues, and she is convinced that Mitchell is responsible – she just needs to find some proof. Annie too is determined that the killer must be caught, and offers her help every step of the way, unaware of the implications it might have.

McNair and Tom turn up on the doorstep of Honolulu Heights needing help, and decide to stay a few days until an injured McNair is better.

With four werewolves now under his roof and a full moon imminent, Mitchell is feeling edgy. He’s terrified his end is nigh, and will go to any lengths to extract Herrick’s secret from him.


Episode 8: The Wolf-Shaped Bullet’
Sunday 13th March 2011, 9pm

Following Nancy’s investigation into the Box Tunnel massacre, Mitchell finds himself trapped by the police. Desperate to escape, Mitchell discovers that help is at hand – albeit from an unlikely and untrustworthy source.

Annie is heartbroken but stands by Mitchell and returns to purgatory in search of answers. She finds Lia but things are not as they seemed. This was never a game to Lia – this is revenge.

A guilt-stricken Mitchell tries to make amends but, as the revelations pile up, and with Nina in a critical state, George must decide whether he can stand by his best friend.