‘Clique’ episode guide: What happens next?

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BBC Three’s Clique is a brand new drama created by Skins writer Jess Brittain.

The six-part series sees two best friends – Holly and Georgia – drawn into an elite clique of alpha girls led by lecturer Jude McDermid in their first few weeks at university.

Synnove Karlsen stars as Holly alongside The Fall’s Aisling Franciosi as her best friend Georgia, while Sherlock’s Louise Brealey stars as Jude McDermid with Emun Elliott (Prometheus) plays her brother, Alistair McDermid.

The cast also includes Rachel Hurd-Wood (Peter Pan), Sophia Brown, Ella-Rae Smith, Emma Appleton, Mark Strepan (New Blood), Sorcha Groundsell (Iona), Peter Bankole (The Physician), Chris Fulton (One of Us) and Harris Dickinson (Home).


Episode 1

Sunday 5 March 2017

Childhood soulmates Holly and Georgia are in their first term at university in Edinburgh. But when impressionable Georgia is drawn to an elite clique of young women, Holly is sceptical, sensing a more sinister bond between the girls than friendship.

Holly is cooler, calmer and more cautious than the effervescent Georgia, who willfully throws herself into the madness of first year.

When the two attend an electrifying lecture by hotshot Economics Professor, Jude McDermid, both find themselves considering their future and the possibility of applying to Jude’s elite internship scheme. Georgia’s determined to get in with the powerful and glamourous clique of alpha girls surrounding Jude, and Holly starts to feel left behind.

But as both girls enter the social whirl and lavish parties of the Clique, their friendship is tested. Holly senses something sinister behind the glittering facade.


Episode 2

Sunday 12 March 2017

Holly is more suspicious than ever that something is wrong at Solasta Finance – and at the heart of the clique. Georgia has become more distant and everyone seems to be pretending there’s a perfectly reasonable explanation for everything that has happened.
When Georgia announces that she’s been accepted onto the internship scheme and is moving into the girls’ house, Holly finds herself cut off. Stuck in halls with only Elizabeth for company, she decides to get proactive.

As she digs deeper into the glittering world of Alistair McDermid, Jude and her girls, Holly finds herself increasingly suspicious of their behaviour… but at the same time drawn to the life they represent. When banker Rory takes a very personal interest in Holly, she might have found her perfect invite to the party.


Episode 3

Sunday 19 March 2017

Holly is ready to start her new life as part of Jude’s clique. But as Georgia continues to push for a competitive position at Solasta, Holly remains suspicious – a feeling that gets stronger when she starts to receive warning messages from a mysterious stranger.

As the pressures mount on Georgia, Jude and her other girls pull tight, clinging to their old loyalties and turning a blind eye to the extraordinary circumstances around them.

But on an evening out things come to a head – and both new and old friendships find themselves tested to breaking point.


Episode 4

Sunday 26 March 2017

Holly is finally getting comfortable. Her relationship with Rory has stepped up and her friendship with the girls feels ever more real. But when an awful truth surfaces, all that is shattered.

Now Holly finds herself not knowing where to turn or who to trust. The warning messages she has been receiving intensify and the identity of their sender is more mysterious than ever.

At a party to celebrate Georgia’s achievements at Solasta, Holly finds herself at odds with the jolly atmosphere and things reach a vicious end.


Episode 5

Sunday 2 April 2017

With undeniable proof in front of her, Holly can now no longer deny the darkness of the world she and Georgia have entered. Reaching out to Rory, she’s shocked when he counsels patience in the face of such startling evidence.

But Holly is done with being obedient and as she draws her new friends closer to her, they conspire to drag the awful truth out into the light of day.

Those revelations will bring the world crashing down around those who felt the most unassailable but they will also set in motion a catastrophic set of events from which Holly may never return.


Episode 6

Sunday 9 April 2017

Holly has been taken right to the edge, and now she’s doubting every choice she’s made along the way – who she’s trusted to how she’s acted. The stakes are sky high and there’s nowhere left to turn.

With everything seemingly out on the table, everyone must account for their behaviour and the part they’ve played in the terrible events of this first term. Some will step up, and some will slink away.

But even now there’s one more card to play – and broken as she is, Holly will have to forge forward in the final battle to save Georgia from the darkness that has engulfed them all.


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