‘Mr Selfridge’ Season 3 episode guide

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Period drama Mr Selfridge returns to ITV for ten new episodes, starring Emmy award-winning American actor Jeremy Piven.

The drama is inspired by the life of charismatic American entrepreneur, Harry Gordon Selfridge, whose business in London’s Oxford Street has become a much-loved institution.

Season 3 picks up in 1919 just after the end of World War I.

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Episode 1

Sunday 25 January 2015, 9pm

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1918 – HARRY and his family are gathered for the funeral of his beloved wife ROSE. As they say their tearful last goodbyes, a grief-stricken HARRY wonders how he will ever get by without her.

Nine months later. HARRY has a wedding to attend! HARRY’s eldest daughter, ROSALIE, is to marry renowned Russian aviator SERGE DE BOLOTOFF. At the church, a thronging crowd has gathered to see the arrival of the guests. At the forefront of the lavish event is Russian émigré PRINCESS MARIE, the extravagant and glamorous mother of the groom. As AGNES watches on from the pews she is surprised to find HENRI next to her, recently returned from War. She is overcome and they are delighted to be reunited. After a waiting through a long War, they want to be married as soon as possible.

Whilst CRABB worries about the financial implications of hosting the wedding, the reception gets into full swing on Selfridge’s Oxford Street Roof Terrace. But SERGE is drunk, flirting with female guests and pressurising HARRY to invest his aerodrome enterprise – which HARRY isn’t keen to do. HARRY is worried: is this marriage good for the Selfridge family?

Meanwhile, we learn that MISS MARDLE is on a special leave of absence from the store after a life-changing event. Head of Cosmetics KITTY EDWARDS and writer FRANK EDWARDS are now happily married, but are stuck KITTY’s younger sister, CONNIE, living with them. Trouble is afoot when HARRY’S nemesis LORD LOXLEY arrives back in town – probing MILES EDGERTON about HARRY’s latest fortunes, debts, credits and business interests…

VICTOR COLLEANO is now the proud owner of his own nightclub, Colleano’s, but the right punters aren’t coming in. To boot, VICTOR is paying 10% of his takings to INSPECTOR PURKISS in return for the police turning a blind eye to the sale of alcohol out of legal hours.

At the store, soldiers who’ve returned from war have found their jobs taken by women. Women and men are struggling to cooperate. MR GROVE thinks the women should be let go, but HARRY is insistent they are not; they remind him of ROSE. But GEORGE tells MR GROVE that he’s found it hard to settle since returning from France, and hands in his notice. GEORGE decides to go and work for his old mate VICTOR, where they can look out for each other.

Rumours of HARRY’s involvement in financing SERGE’s aerodrome have spurred LOXLEY into action. He whisks SERGE away on his wedding morning, introducing himself as a legitimate potential financier for his aerodrome project. Abandoned before her wedding breakfast, an upset ROSALIE comes to the store and tells HARRY, who decides to have them come live with him. He can keep an eye on things that way. PRINCESS MARIE tells Harry she will return to her own flat, but checks into an expensive hotel suite instead – charging it to HARRY. She’s homeless, and hiding it.

Newcomer NANCY WEBB comes to Selfridge’s and demands a meeting with HARRY. Armed with plans for a housing estate for former War servicemen, NANCY is planning to use the same piece of land in Acton SERGE has earmarked for his aerodrome. She implores HARRY not to buy this land; rumours of his interest are pushing the price up. She’s worried she’ll lose her backer, LORD MEADOWES – and leaves HARRY with food for thought. He remembers how ROSE had a similar housing project in Chicago…

HENRI and AGNES finally have their moment of happiness and are wed. But later, HENRI is shocked and shaken by the ghostly apparitions of fellow French soldiers lost in War. AGNES catches a distressed-looking HENRI, who insists nothing is the matter.

Later that night, HARRY finds ROSE’s discarded plans for homes in her studio. With NANCY WEBB’s words in his mind and ROSE’s plans in hand, he heads to the vast expanse of land in Acton where the idea for an entirely new project begins to form. If there’s anyone who can pull it off, it’s HARRY SELFRIDGE.


Episode 2

Sunday 1 February 2015, 9pm

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Selfridge’s is hosting the biggest, most exclusive fashion event since the war. MADAME LANVIN is showcasing her new collection at the store, and if all goes well, HARRY could secure an exclusive contract with her.

Meanwhile, HARRY visits NANCY WEBB. He tells her that this project reminds him of one his beloved late wife ROSE once did, and that he’s going to bid for the field. NANCY is thrilled. HARRY instructs MR CRABB to convene a Selfridge’s Board meeting as soon as possible. If he’s to pursue this charitable housing project, he’ll need an interest free loan from the store. But CRABB is privately concerned that a charitable housing project may be a step too far…

MADAME LANVIN’S Creative Director, MONSIEUR LONGCHAMP, inspects MR THACKERAY’S fashion displays and is less than impressed. HENRI and AGNES are drafted back early from honeymoon to help, bringing an inevitable clash between THACKERAY and HENRI. When HARRY weighs in, THACKERAY loses control and lambasts HARRY for being distracted and taking his eye off the ball since Mrs Selfridge died. HARRY fires THACKERAY – leaving HENRI and AGNES to pick up the pieces.

The rowdy EX-SERVICEMEN who’ve been hanging around outside the store turn up at VICTOR’S club, flogging cut-price cigarettes. VICTOR and GEORGE know them; they were in the same wartime regiment. GEORGE reminds VICTOR that one of them, CHARLIE COPPERSTONE, has always been bad news. VICTOR drives a hard bargain, getting a good deal on the cigarettes – which isn’t unnoticed by INSPECTOR PURKISS.

At the Selfridge house, LOIS discovers that PRINCESS MARIE has been lying about her apartment, charging her massive hotel bill to HARRY. PRINCESS MARIE puts another spanner in the works by suggesting that ROSE’S old painting studio be used as an office for SERGE, leaving VIOLETTE horrified. VIOLETTE is feeling suffocated at home, and pleads with HARRY to give her a job at the store – which he refuses. But when VIOLETTE overhears AGNES and HENRI struggling to be ready in time for the Lanvin event, she offers to help out. She has a show-stopping idea that might just impress!

SERGE gives HARRY one last chance to invest in his aviation project, which HARRY declines. When SERGE reveals that LOXLEY is his new investor, HARRY stridently warns SERGE off – but SERGE is stubborn and won’t listen. HARRY is left furious and troubled; he knows LOXLEY can only be bad news.

At the Board meeting, HARRY expects his housing project plans to be rubberstamped – but CRABB makes a surprising intervention. Undeterred, HARRY vows to NANCY that he’ll raise the money, come what may, and announces the project to his family as a lasting legacy to their beloved ROSE.

HENRI continues to struggle with his return to normal life after the War, the shadow of which is still cast over MISS MARDLE. After FLORIAN’S death at the end of the conflict, MISS MARDLE feels a changed woman. Kindling a new friendship with MR GROVE’S wife and her former Accessories assistant DORIS, MISS MARDLE makes a decision not to return to the store. She can’t go backwards – not to Accessories. But when MR GROVE begs her to return as Head of Fashion after THACKERAY’S departure, a gracious MISS MARDLE accepts. A return to the store she knows and loves – but in a new role – could be exactly what she needs.


Episode 3

Sunday 8 February 2015, 9pm

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Standing proud on the roof terrace of Selfridge’s, HARRY announces the launch of the store’s biggest beauty event to the press. KITTY is literally on top of the world as she assists HARRY, presenting her best side to photographers before releasing balloons with gift vouchers to mark the spectacular event. On the back of the successful Beauty event, KITTY sees an opportunity and boldly plays the family card – convincing HARRY to give CONNIE a job assisting MISS MARDLE.

In store, MISS MARDLE has breathed new life into the fashion department. GORDON congratulates GRACE on her appointment as Head of Accessories and is chuffed when she accepts his friendly proposal to celebrate. HARRY gives the surplus female staff an emotional, personal farewell. As the dismissed women start to leave Selfridge’s, loitering ex-servicemen outside the store CHARLIE and SILAS overhear MISS ELLIS remarking to CONNIE that she’ll never find work this good again. A disgruntled CHARLIE comments that she should go back and keep house! Societal tension between demobbed soldiers and workingwomen is very much alive.

HARRY has raised the cash for the Selfridge Estate housing project himself, successfully securing a personal loan of £30,000. A confident HARRY is in his element as he bids for land at auction, but is shocked when LOXLEY bids against him – pushing the price sky high. HARRY is enraged by LOXLEY’s presence and warns him to keep away from his affairs – but LOXLEY isn’t deterred. HARRY finds out that SERGE told LOXLEY about his intention to bid for the field and is furious. He confronts SERGE for spilling confidential information, but SERGE is unrepentant.

Meanwhile, AGNES is still worried about HENRI. She tries to talk to him, but he’s dismissive of her concerns. Frustrated, AGNES takes matters into her own hands and approaches VICTOR for some insight. VICTOR tells her that she can’t even begin to imagine what HENRI has experienced in War, leaving AGNES even more concerned about HENRI’S state of mind. Later, AGNES is blown away by HENRI’S window display – it’s stunning. She feels like he might be back to his old self. However, when HENRI catches her making some last minute finishing touches, he erupts out of nowhere. A huge public row between them ensues – in the Selfridge’s window! Could AGNES and HENRI’s marriage be in trouble?

NANCY is thrilled that HARRY managed to buy the land, and surprised when he offers her a paid position as Manager of the project. HARRY and NANCY grow closer as they work on the Selfridge Estate together.  HARRY is keen to abandon formalities, and insists that they work on a first name basis…

On leaving the store, FRANK sees an opportunity for his new book: on seeing the ex-servicemen outside the store, he convinces ELSA to let him interview CHARLIE and SILAS in Colleano’s club. As he plies them with more and more drink – out of hours – their disenfranchisement, bitterness and resentment about life after War becomes clearer and clearer. After the booze-filled interview, CHARLIE and SILAS loiter outside Selfridge’s begging. They are spoiling for a fight, and trouble ensues when KITTY passes by on her way home…


Episode 4

Sunday 15 February 2015, 9pm

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HARRY and NANCY bring the injured KITTY to hospital, whilst FRANK rushes to be by her side. Shaken by the evening’s events, HARRY abandons his theatre plans and takes NANCY to dinner instead. HARRY queries why she’s not married and NANCY confidently replies that she’s yet to find the right person. HARRY toasts to friendship but it’s clear that he’s falling under her spell.

It’s after dark and Colleano’s is buzzing.  A seductive VIOLETTE makes her move on VICTOR, making it clear that she’s only after some uncomplicated fun. As things get hot under the collar, GEORGE interrupts and VICTOR: if he plays with fire he might get burnt…

Recuperating at home, KITTY struggles to relay the detail of her attack to INSPECTOR JOHNSON, and FRANK’S horror is evident when he realises that the attackers must have been the ex-servicemen who were drinking with him immediately prior to the attack. In a terrible dilemma, FRANK can’t bring himself to say anything. In a limp attempt to quell any future comeback against himself, he warns KITTY that she needs to be careful seeking justice; the issues surrounding ex-servicemen is political hot potato in the press at the moment. But KITTY insists that her assailants are going to pay for what they’ve done.

A lonely and tortured HENRI arrives outside HARRY’S house to apologise for destroying window display. HENRI admits that he doesn’t trust himself anymore and even AGNES is scared of him. HARRY realises the extent of HENRI’S survivors’guilt and post-traumatic stress disorder, imploring him to confide in AGNES.

Routinely investigating KITTY’s attack, the police pay VICTOR a visit and he defends his innocence. However, he is left on the back-foot when ELSA reveals that they might be culpable: she served some ex-servicemen drink out of hours…with FRANK. VICTOR pays a house call to FRANK and KITTY, where FRANK is forced to admit his very accidental complicity in his own wife’s attack. KITTY is appalled. Later, KITTY successfully identifies her attackers. They are arrested and put behind bars, but KITTY still struggles to forgive FRANK.

AGNES seeks out HENRI. At first he resists her help, but she makes a passionate plea for their love and marriage. They can’t go on like this. Paying a visit to HARRY, AGNES thanks him for his help but she tells him that she needs to look after HENRI away from the store: they’re to leave London. It’s the only way to help HENRI get better. HARRY understands the decision, but is deeply saddened to lose them both.

At the store, security is tightened following KITTY’s attack. MARDLE is surprised that GROVE didn’t know about DORIS’ incident with the man who harassed her in-store – but is left gobsmacked when DORIS storms in and tells MARDLE to keep her nose out of her marriage! VICTOR also gets a surprise visit from an angry PURKISS. After his shave with the law, VICTOR wants to go clean, turn over a new leaf – but PURKISS isn’t going to be so easy to shake off…

HARRY, GEORGE and MARDLE bid a tearful farewell to HENRI and AGNES. Without two of his closest allies, and feeling lonely, HARRY makes a decision. He goes to NANCY in a pique of passion, telling her he wants her and no one else. NANCY attempts to resist, but can’t. She lets herself go, and gives in to his passionate embrace.


Episode 5

Sunday 22 February 2015, 9pm

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HARRY and NANCY are enjoying the passion of their romance, having been together secretly for a while now. But as always, HARRY has business to attend to. HARRY announces that Selfridge’s is on the look out for two new staff members: a Store Deputy and Head of Display.

The shop floor is rife with gossip about who will apply. HARRY is keen for GORDON to step up but GORDON is reticent; after the disaster with the fashion event he’s not sure he’s ready. MISS MARDLE discusses the role of Deputy Manager with GROVE, who dismisses the suggestion that she should apply. He is typically old-fashioned, implying that it isn’t a suitable job for a woman. GROVE is keen on the job for himself, and is so pompous that MISS MARDLE decides to throw her hat into the ring! Eventually, GRACE makes GORDON realise that he’s up to the job, as sparks start to fly between them.

VIOLETTE sneaks out to Colleano’s but is put out when she’s refused champagne – no more drinks after 9.30pm. VICTOR is operating exactly within the law, but perturbed by the sight of PURKISS who is taking in all the action – waiting for VICTOR to slip up…

When a prominent and unfavourable article about KITTY appears in the papers – implying that she deserved the attack on her – KITTY is left distraught. HARRY supports KITTY and mounts a public relations fight-back, writing an open letter in her defence. But KITTY and HARRY face a backlash: KITTY starts receiving hate mail, whilst HARRY is pitted against former-servicemen and labelled unpatriotic.

Elsewhere, LOIS surprises PRINCESS MARIE at her hotel, revealing she knows all about MARIE’S debts. MARIE is forced to come clean, leaving LOIS with a decision on her hands. And MISS MARDLE has a meeting with DORIS where she learns something very surprising indeed!

HARRY continues to fight back, publicly launching the Selfridge Estate in store, with NANCY by his side. He wants the world to know that he is not “anti-servicemen” or unpatriotic as dubbed in the press – he uses the Selfridge Estate to prove that. Designed to help meet the massive national housing shortage, the houses are to be built and sold at cost, and are specifically for former servicemen and their families.

But trouble lies ahead. LOXLEY is busy rehabilitating his reputation so he can begin to trade in the City. He pits himself against HARRY by setting up his own rival charitable enterprise for former servicemen. LOXLEY is campaigning for a return to the pre-war status quo; he is conservative whilst HARRY is progressive.

As things heat up between VIOLETTE and VICTOR, the club is thrown into chaos when PURKISS makes a move against VICTOR, raiding the club and arresting everyone in it – including VIOLETTE SELFRIDGE.


Episode 6

Sunday 1 March 2015, 9pm

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HARRY places VIOLETTE under house arrest after the police raid at Colleano’s. In an attempt to keep her out of trouble, he persuades her to help NANCY with plans for the Selfridge Estate. Under pressure to deposit funds for work on the Estate to progress, HARRY is forced to sell 5% of his shareholding in Selfridge’s. A worried CRABB flags that he will no longer own the majority stake in the store, but HARRY is adamant – as a family the Selfridges will still hold the majority.

A nervous GORDON prepares for his first day as Deputy Manager. GROVE is delighted when GORDON is besieged by warring women on the store floor, but GORDON manages to avert crisis! He introduces his first appointment: a new Head of Display, MONSIEUR LONGCHAMP – formerly MADAME LAVIN’s Creative Director. GORDON is quite taken with LONGCHAMP, and under his direction, GORDON unwittingly commissions an incredibly racy shop window display that might bring the store’s reputation into disrepute…

Desperate to reopen the club, VICTOR is backed into a corner by PURKISS who demands more money than VICTOR can afford.  But when VICTOR is offered a way out by gangland boss MICHAEL REGAN, VICTOR is reluctant to do anymore dodgy deals. REGAN is offering VICTOR protection from PURKISS in return for some gambling on the side and a dedicated roulette table in the club – from which he’ll take a cut. We sense VICTOR could be doing a deal with the devil, but with PURKISS on his back, he has little choice. VICTOR accepts REGAN’S offer: Colleano’s is back in business. For now.

VIOLETTE’S fundraising party for the Selfridge Estate is a massive success but HARRY’S words of warning about her dalliances with men fall on deaf ears and she sneaks out to Colleano’s. As passion and lust overcomes them, VICTOR and VIOLETTE take their relationship to a new level of intimacy.

Heading home from work, KITTY is shaken when she bumps into her attacker CHARLIE COPPERSTONE and turns to a passing GEORGE for comfort. Shocked and angry that her attacker is back on the streets thanks to LORD LOXLEY’S new charitable foundation, KITTY wants justice more than ever. However, FRANK advises KITTY to drop the charges; he fears KITTY’S name will be dragged through the mud again. Unwilling to back down, KITTY enlists GEORGE’s help in tracking down CHARLIE and SILAS to put an end to all of this once and for all.

HARRY tells NANCY that the money she needs for the Estate will be deposited the next day. NANCY is a torn woman, wrestling with her conscience and her growing feelings for HARRY. She suggests to her brother GUS that they take the money and run now.  Unwilling to bail on the con prematurely – when he’s certain that they can quadruple their money – GUS demands they sit it out and accuses NANCY of losing her nerve. She accepts the challenge: they’ll see it through to the end. NANCY continues with the con.

Whilst GROVE is preoccupied with GORDON’S recent appointment, a worried DORIS turns to MARDLE for advice on a deeply personal matter. MARDLE is only too glad to help, but in doing so sparks an unexpected chain of events.


Episode 7

Sunday 8 March 2015, 9pm

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HARRY offers his support when a situation sends ripples through the Selfridge’s staff and MARDLE attempts to maintain composure but struggles with the weight of her secret…

REGAN pays VICTOR a visit to check that business is running to plan. GEORGE makes it clear that he disapproves of the illegal backstage gambling, but VICTOR steps in to smooth things over. REGAN reminds them both that without him, Colleano’s wouldn’t be opening its doors at all – and it’s doing well for them too. VICTOR’s even bought a new motorcar, and it isn’t long before he whisks VIOLETTE off in it for a romantic trip to the coast.

Galvanised to grab life by the horns, HARRY decides to take NANCY out. He’s reaching out for someone close to him. In the dead of night, HARRY takes NANCY to a deserted Selfridge’s and gifts her with an expensive bottle of perfume. They drink champagne in the moonlight at the Palm Court. NANCY allows herself to enjoy the romance, but is shocked when HARRY confides that he’s no longer the outright owner of Selfridge’s, having sold a 5% share to raise funds for the Selfridge Estate.

A perturbed NANCY tells HARRY he shouldn’t have compromised the store, but he is adamant he made the right decision: he’s fully committed to her and to the Estate. The enormity of the con starts to dawn on NANCY, as she begins to understand the consequences it might have for HARRY – not just for him, but for the store too. However, her brother GUS worries she’s become too involved with HARRY, and they agree she should take a step back…

At a Selfridge’s shareholders’ meeting, HARRY has the wind knocked out of his sails when LORD LOXLEY gate-crashes the meeting, announcing that he’s acquired a 7% stake in Selfridge’s – enough to give him a seat on the board. LOXLEY bought the 5% that HARRY sold, and an extra 2% offloaded by SERGE without HARRY’s knowledge.

HARRY finds himself on the back foot in front of the shareholders, and is forced to restore confidence: spontaneously guaranteeing a return of no less than 10% over the next three months. CRABB goes into a spin – it’s incredibly ambitious and he’s anxious that they won’t be able to deliver.

Trouble brews at Colleano’s when a man is found collapsed from an overdose. VICTOR handles the situation well enough, but it’s a close shave and it all unfolds in front of VIOLETTE. All this forces VICTOR into a reality-check: he’s involved with some nasty people, and he wants to protect VIOLETTE from this murky world. He finishes their romance, leaving her devastated.

Meanwhile, MARDLE buckles under the weight of her guilt, confiding in CRABB.  CRABB urges her to unburden herself – and she does but to devastating consequences.


Episode 8

Sunday 15 March 2015, 9pm

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To celebrate the signing of the landmark Treaty of Versailles, HARRY consults his newly appointed Head of Press and Print on a way to mark this moment in store. His new appointee is none other than old friend FRANK EDWARDS, who’s been out of work since his book deal was dropped.

Together, they come up with a celebratory ‘Britain at Play’ promotion in store – the first time in five years the country can really let its hair down. This is the first part of Harry’s strategy to drive a return for the shareholders: a true Selfridge’s spectacle to put the store back on the map again.

HARRY is totally thrown when NANCY suddenly announces that they should keep their relationship purely professional, at least until the Selfridge Estate is finished. HARRY is hurt and confused, but is forced to accept her decision. In fact, it’s GUS driving this – he’s worried she’s too close to HARRY and to her mark. We sense that NANCY has done something that in her heart she doesn’t want to do…

Now back at work, GROVE is keen to carry on as normal. CRABB pops in to enquire after the children, and it becomes clear that young ERNEST is still in the care of MISS MARDLE. GROVE refuses to discuss the matter further. In fact, MARDLE’s tenant GEORGE is busy looking after ERNEST whilst MARDLE is at work. Meanwhile, GORDON and GRACE – who have been seeing each other – share a romantic kiss in the store cupboard. But, to their horror – they are caught in the act by MR CRABB! And he is just as horrified!

Colleano’s is in full swing, but the mood is broken when a fight breaks out between REGAN’S men. ELSA urges VICTOR to stand up to REGAN, and she suggests a new way of doing things. She has an idea: that they avoid all this trouble by re-launching Colleano’s as a private club for VIPs and high-rollers – and they can make some real money. VICTOR presents the idea to REGAN, who tentatively agrees…but on VICTOR’s head be it.

MARDLE attempts to make amends with GROVE, but he remains stubborn and impenetrable. Eventually, GEORGE is forced to go to GROVE. GEORGE appeals to GROVE, man-to-man, as someone who grew up without a proper father. He emotionally implores GROVE to rethink his feelings towards ERNEST. GROVE is left humbled and takes ERNEST back, but he still hasn’t forgiven MARDLE…

French count JACQUES DE SIBOUR is in town, and takes a keen interest in VIOLETTE, who is still down after her romance with VICTOR came to a halt. And CONNIE is surprised when she stops by MARDLE’S house and is welcomed by GEORGE – and they properly notice each other for the first time.

Sadly, things take a bad turn for GORDON and GRACE; she comes to the conclusion that they’re from different worlds and that there’s no way a relationship between them could ever work. She ends things between them, leaving GORDON reeling.

HARRY realises that he doesn’t want to let NANCY slip through his fingers. Arriving unannounced at her house and in a dramatic display of his commitment, HARRY proposes. He wants NANCY to be the new Mrs Selfridge.


Episode 9

Sunday 22 March 2015, 9pm

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NANCY has kept her engagement to HARRY a secret from GUS, and doesn’t wear her engagement ring around him – all the while convincing HARRY to keep the engagement under wraps for now. Meanwhile, HARRY remains under pressure to boost shareholder profits, executing the second part of his strategy: an enormous flash sale – the biggest London has ever seen.

When a surprise delivery from the Russian Embassy arrives at the Selfridge house, PRINCESS MARIE is moved and ecstatic to find her precious family jewels secreted away inside. Now a woman of means, MARIE can pay her debts and help finance SERGE’S business plans. They’re finally in charge of their own destiny!

The Selfridge’s Sale begins and both HARRY and CRABB are pleased to see hordes of customers on the shop floor. The staff are working flat out! However, the aggressive nature of the Sale gets department store competitors riled up – and a backlash from some quarters who brand the Sale ‘un public-spirited’ and ‘immoral’ as Selfridge’s advertising seemingly encourages people to spend, spend, spend! As things heat up, the store is forced to hire a new Head of Security in the form of GEORGE TOWLER, who makes a welcome return to the store.

GUS finds NANCY’s ring at home, and knows instantly she’s been lying to him. Desperate for money, he sells her ring at a jewellery shop – but is seen on his way out by PRINCESS MARIE, who recognises him as the architect of the Selfridge Estate. When MARIE hears him being called by a different name, her interest is piqued. Making a visit to the alleged architect’s offices of ‘Mr Gerrard’ – she finds it all boarded up. She knows something is amiss…

Whilst GRACE and GORDON try to get back on track, JACQUES makes a case to VIOLETTE as to why they could be a ‘good match’ – giving VIOLETTE food for thought. And as GROVE negotiates the idea of letting BILLY see ERNEST, he and MISS MARDLE come to blows, again. This time she’s at the end of her tether and decides once and for all that enough is enough. MARDLE is fed up with being GROVE’s emotional punch bag – and puts her house up for sale. She plans to leave Selfridge’s, London and MR GROVE for good.

Horrified that GUS sold her engagement ring and shaken by the close shave with PRINCESS MARIE – NANCY confronts GUS. He attacks her for lying to him about HARRY. NANCY finally confesses that she truly loves HARRY. She thinks that she and GUS can have their cake and eat it: they can make the Estate and build the houses, for real. She wants to become Mrs Selfridge. GUS can flee to America and live a good life there, funded by her in her new position as HARRY’s wife. GUS is gobsmacked that NANCY has really fallen for HARRY.

Piggybacking on the controversial press for the Selfridge’s Sale, and angered by news that MAE is to re-marry, LOXLEY agitates against HARRY and manipulates the other board members into action. They demand an emergency board meeting, and HARRY has no choice but to agree. But HARRY is one-step ahead of LOXLEY: knowing they mean to oust him – HARRY wriggles out of the meeting using a little-known clause of postponement. He needs time to get proper figures from the Sale in; it’s all been a massive gamble.

However, HARRY’s nimble move infuriates the board, leaving LOXLEY to hammer home his point – HARRY SELFRIDGE must go. It’s a matter of time before they move against him.


Episode 10

Sunday 29 March 2015, 9pm

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HARRY prepares for the board meeting, and a nervous CRABB reports that profits aren’t up as much as they’d hoped. LOXLEY berates HARRY’S business methods and reveals that the board are proposing a vote of no confidence in him as Chairman. HARRY could lose the store. It’s a battle of wits, and HARRY mounts a robust defence that sees LOXLEY come unstuck. The vote against HARRY is beaten, leaving LOXLEY looking weak in defeat.

NANCY forges ahead with work on the Selfridge Estate, but GUS is losing his confidence in it all. Meanwhile, PRINCESS MARIE can’t shake her concerns about the architect, ‘Mr Gerrard’, after seeing his boarded up offices. She pays a visit to the British Institute of Architects to check up on TOM GERRARD…

Boosted after his decisive victory against LOXLEY, HARRY announces news of his engagement to his family – and word quickly spreads in store – much to NANCY’s discomfort. She is even more exposed now – could she come clean that she isn’t who she says she is? Would Harry forgive her? Could she make everything right?

Hearing that PRINCE CAROL OF ROMANIA is in town, ELSA suggests to VICTOR they run a private gambling evening to capitalise on his prolific spending and keep REGAN off their back. VICTOR thinks it’s a great idea.

At the store, MR GROVE is shocked when MISS MARDLE hands him her letter of resignation: it’s time for her to move on. CRABB is saddened to hear the news and urges GROVE to make amends or he’ll regret it. CRABB points out that despite everything, MISS MARDLE is a true friend to GROVE. CRABB’s strong words bring a stubborn GROVE to his senses – but is it too late?

Burdened with ominous news, PRINCESS MARIE reports to HARRY her doubts about TOM GERRARD, the Selfridge Estate architect. HARRY follows up, and GUS is revealed to be an imposter – and is immediately arrested. NANCY feigns shock, but now she knows it’s just a matter of time until she’s discovered…

GORDON plucks up the courage to tell HARRY that he’s dating GRACE, and is horrified by HARRY’S strident disapproval. HARRY doesn’t think GORDON can be a good leader if he courts someone on the staff. He instructs GORDON to break things off, if he wants to keep his job. GORDON is left at a crossroads, and has a big decision to make. Romantic turbulence is mirrored with VIOLETTE, who makes one last desperate plea for VICTOR’s affections – only to be rebuffed – leaving her with a solemn and safe choice as she awaits JACQUES’ proposal.

After GUS’s arrest, NANCY panics. The net starts close in on her, and it isn’t long before HARRY faces an unimaginable truth. In an emotional denouement, HARRY realises the magnitude of his mistake – and is left emotionally shattered. A broken man, HARRY’s inner demons are resurrected, leaving him with only one place to go.

Entering Colleano’s, HARRY seats himself at a gambling table with a drink – his two most dangerous vices. He’s dealt into a game PRINCE CAROL and two very beautiful and enigmatic stage starlets, THE DOLLY SISTERS – who we know aren’t good for HARRY SELFRIDGE. Not at all.


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