‘Silent Witness’: Series 16 episode guide

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Forensic pathologists Dr. Nikki Alexander (Emilia Fox) and Professor Leo Dalton (William Gaminara) return to BBC One for a new series of forensic crime drama Silent Witness, with the welcome arrival of Forensic Scientist Jack Hodgson (David Caves).

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Straight-talking and disarmingly quick-witted, Jack is one of the youngest Forensic Scientists in the country. What he lacks in experience, he more than makes up for in talent and dedication.

Joining David in the new series is Liz Carr as Forensic Lab Scientist Clarissa Mullery. Having enjoyed a successful working relationship together and been crucial in Jack’s career progression, he has persuaded Clarissa to join him at the Lyell Centre.


Episode 1: ‘Change: Part One’
Thursday 10 January 2013, 9pm

In the opening episode, John Briggs, a wealthy, ageing confectionery company owner, is found dead in his London hotel suite. Nikki joins forces with Jack to prove to sceptical DI Gold that it’s murder, not death by natural causes.

Several suited sharks circle as it transpires Briggs was losing a desperate fight to prevent the sale of his ailing company to investors. And Michael Trenter, his PR man, is unable to conceal Briggs’ murky private life from the baying press, devaluing the family brand by the hour. Meanwhile, Geraldine, Briggs’ estranged daughter, is a fish out of water as she’s left control of the company in her father’s will.


Episode 2: ‘Change: Part Two’
Friday 11 January 2013, 9pm

Leo is left in no doubt about how to secure the Lyell Centre’s future – by employing Jack Hodgson to head up a new forensics department. And just as the new team are cemented, crucial evidence from a discovered body gives them a shocking lead on the killer’s motive.


Episode 3: ‘Trust: Part One’
Thursday 17 January 2013, 9pm

When two women are shot in a house basement, Nikki and Jack are baffled by the conflicting possible motives, while Leo faces a difficult case – proving his pathologist mentor made a mistake in evidence that imprisoned a mother for smothering her baby to death.


Episode 4: ‘Trust: Part Two’
Friday 18 January 2013, 9pm

As the hunt for the basement women killer intensifies, Nikki and Jack are shocked to uncover a dangerous plot that threatens national security. And Leo must race against time to prove the imprisoned mother’s innocence and reunite her with her other son before he’s lost in the adoption system.


Episode 5: ‘True Love Waits: Part One’
Thursday 24 January 2013, 9pm

When a pub landlady is stabbed to death and her little finger cut off, Nikki is isolated in her quest to prove the husband’s innocence against Jack and Leo’s mounting evidence to suggest otherwise.


Episode 6: ‘True Love Waits: Part Two’
Friday 25 January 2013, 9pm

However, when the husband is charged, Nikki must convince Jack and Leo that the pub landlady is the latest victim of a psychopathic serial killer, igniting a deadly game of cat and mouse as they close the net on his reign of terror.


Episode 7: ‘Legacy: Part One’
Thursday 31 January 2013, 9pm

While Nikki and Jack investigate the death of a man found on a rural building project, Leo helps a grieving father’s quest for the cause of his son’s fatal tumour.


Episode 8: ‘Legacy: Part Two’
Friday 1 February 2013, 9pm

Nikki is wooed by a charismatic junior Science Minister, as Leo’s discovery of a similar medical condition in the dead man reveals an abnormal cluster of tumour deaths and a possible government cover up of its cause. But when Leo suspects Nikki’s charming new man could be involved, it threatens their friendship, and leaves Leo battling alone to expose the sinister truth and save lives.


Episode 9: ‘Greater Love: Part One’
Thursday 7 February 2013, 9pm

Human remains found on a charity Afghan water supply project send Leo, Nikki and Jack to the war-torn region to establish if it’s a British soldier who vanished five years ago, suspected of being murdered by Taliban forces.


Episode 10: ‘Greater Love: Part Two’
Friday 8 February 2013, 9pm

Amidst ruthless Taliban attacks and a dangerous, alien culture, Leo develops a life-changing relationship with a charity worker as the team grow suspicious of a British security firm’s torture of captured Taliban fighters. But when a forensic breakthrough changes the course of the team’s investigation, it triggers a chain of events that put them all in imminent danger.


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