The Sandman

The Sandman Season 2 – Netflix reveal the Endless

We already know Dream, Death, Desire and Despair… now it’s time to meet their siblings.  After a long wait, Netflix have finally started to reveal some information about the season 2 of The Sandman. It comes in the form of a video, unveiling three new members of the Endless. We’ve already met Dream (Tom Sturridge), … >

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Doctor of War: Genesis – Doctor Who audio boxset review

Big Finish play with the War Doctor concept in their Unbound range… but have they the right?  The multiverse is all the rage these days thanks to Marvel’s high-profile What If? concept. Of course, alternate dimensions and altered chronologies are nothing new for Doctor Who, from 1970’s ‘Inferno’ to the mixed up Earth of ‘The … >

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The Sandman new cast announcement

The Sandman — new cast details shared by Neil Gaiman

The Sandman — new cast details have been shared by Neil Gaiman in a long post (which we’ll summarise) First a reprise from Gaiman: … based on my comic book series of the same name. A rich blend of modern myth and dark fantasy in which contemporary fiction, historical drama and legend are seamlessly interwoven, … >

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Sanjeev Bhaskar — unforgotten series 5

Unforgotten series 5 confirmed with Sanjeev Bhaskar

Unforgotten series 5 will happen, and Sanjeev Bhaskar’s DI Sunny Khan will have a new ‘partner in crime’ So, if you’re still processing the end of series 4, at least you can now look forward to Unforgotten series 5. Sanjeev Bhaskar will be back, though without Cassie Stuart (Nicola Walker). The show has had good ratings, … >

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Unforgotten series 3: trailer, start date confirmed

Just over a year since it was greenlit, ITV has released the first trailer for the upcoming Unforgotten series three. The show returns to our screens in July – with ITV now confirming a July 15th start, at 9pm – and here’s the trailer… March 2017 ITV has announced the commission of a third season of Unforgotten. … >

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‘Unforgotten’ review: The truth is revealed in Season 2’s finale

The final episode of ITV’s thrilling crime drama’s second season does not disappoint, as the truth about the tragic victims of child abuse is revealed. Revenge was finally dealt on all the perpetrators of the past evil acts by a pact made after those suffering were treated in a psychiatric unit in Ealing. Our detective … >

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‘Unforgotten’ review: Season 2 Episode 5 unravels secrets of the past

The penultimate episode of ITV’s thrilling crime drama’s second season unravels the secrets of the past, leading to the killer of David Walker, a man who committed unsavoury acts and leaving his victims in turmoil. Detective duo, DCI Cassie Stuart (Nicola Walker) and DS Sunny Khan (Sanjeev Bhaskar) are back on track interrogating some unreliable … >

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