‘The Day Of The Triffids’ episode guide

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The two-part drama is based on John Wyndham’s best-selling novel of the same name, published in 1951, starring Dougray Scott as Bill Masen, Joely Richardson as Jo Playton, Brian Cox as Dennis Masen, Vanessa Redgrave as Durrant, Eddie Izzard as Torrence and Jason Priestley as Coker.

Episode 1
Monday 28th December 2009

In the not-too-distant future, man’s search for an alternative fuel supply leads him to uncover the ominous Triffid, a crop now cultivated for its fuel that seems to have a life of its own. But when spectators gather worldwide for a much-anticipated solar storm, billions are left blinded and the few sighted survivors watch as society collapses into chaos. The Triffids, meanwhile, find their way out of captivity.

Free to roam the planet with a fatal sting and a retributive taste for human flesh, the Triffids begin rapid breeding. Now, Dr Bill Masen must lead the brave in their epic battle against the Triffids’ reign of terror in what could be the last days of mankind…

Episode 2
Tuesday 29th December 2009

As the Triffids destroy Britain, Bill works with his father to clone a genetic mutation which will sterilise them all. Bill’s future with Jo is wrenched apart with the arrival of Torrence from a London which has been overwhelmed. To escape, they will have to run the gauntlet between Torrence and the Triffids.