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Chandler, Miles and the team investigate a series of bizarre and macabre murders that set them on edge. A darkness pervades their cases; something unsettling, something that lurks in the shadows that makes you not want to turn out the lights. Buchan is challenged to use his extraordinary resource of archive material to find historical precedents. Can he give the team the edge over a series of ruthless and cunning adversaries?

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Series 4 touches on historical precedents such as witchcraft, cold war espionage, ghoulish Victorian surgeons, cryptozoology and hidden horrors in the East End’s underground tunnels. The history of Whitechapel as a centre of evil comes to the fore. The world remains a shadowy, gothic place, infused with history, dripping with the blood of the past. In Whitechapel, history isn’t dead, it’s deadly.


Episode 1
Wednesday 4 September 2013, 9pm

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Chandler and Miles are called to investigate a bizarre murder after a vagrant is slowly crushed to death by stones. The killer’s macabre methods are investigated by the team, and as things unravel to reveal a more ominous possibility, they consider a sinister 16th century precedent.


Episode 2
Wednesday 11 September 2013, 9pm

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As the witch-hunt continues the killer remains one step ahead of Chandler and Miles. With two bodies already in the morgue and a third person missing, the team are up against it, not only to save the next victim, but bring the killer to justice – and for Chandler, to bring the killer in alive.

The team investigate strange symbols appearing on Whitechapel buildings, unnerving spinsters and necrotic body parts, but will Buchan’s unusual discoveries in the case files prove that there really is witchcraft in Whitechapel?

With the station still brooding beneath a sinister force, the team try to overcome their personal demons that are suddenly at the fore; mysterious footsteps echoing in the corridors, ominous phone calls, demonic reflections – will this lurking evil prevent them from catching the killer?


Episode 3
Wednesday 18 September 2013, 9pm

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The discovery of a flayed face in a Whitechapel gallery leads Chandler and Miles into the contemporary art world. Will the search for a suspicious artist with a gory imagination lead them to the faceless body?

The station is plagued by silty water and creeping mould, adding to the discord within the increasingly distracted team. Riley feels the effects of her brush with death as Miles comes to terms with his waning authority.

Buchan struggles to find any relevant connections in some gruesome ancient artwork, fueling Chandler’s frustrations as to his lack of leads. Elsewhere Kent interprets some Russian prison tattoos suggesting a link to organised crime but as more flayed victims are found, will it bring the team any closer to the killer?


Episode 4
Wednesday 25 September 2013, 9pm

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The killer is running rings around the team, striking again quickly and leaving coded messages at the crime scenes. Chandler and Miles question the motives behind the bloody deeds – the killer seems to be more interested in the victims’ skin than their death.

The investigation is hampered further as Miles and Chandler find a new eye- witness who claims the killer looked like an old lady. With leads on the killer becoming sketchy they turn to the victims – what could they possible have in common?

As a fourth victim goes missing the team resort to old serial killer case files to stop the count rising. Buchan works hard to find a precedent for the outbreak of flaying, but will his research put him in harm’s way?


Episode 5
Wednesday 2 October 2013, 9pm

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Buchan, understandably shaken, struggles to get back to normal after his close call – coming face to face with a killer. Riley also wavers under the weight of her own issues as her infected hand worsens.

The team ventures beneath the streets of Whitechapel searching the sewers after a butchered runner is found with missing vital organs. Is Buchan’s hunch correct – have they got a souvenir killer on their hands? Or are the Black Swine, mutated sewer pigs of urban legend, to blame for these grisly deaths?

Mansell is on the edge of self destruction thanks to Kent meddling in his relationship. Will it be set right before Mansell’s emotions get the better of him? As Miles continues to be taunted by an unknown force in the station, he decides to investigate further, certain there must be a ‘normal’ explanation.


Episode 6
Wednesday 9 October 2013, 9pm

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Following Chandler and Miles’ discovery of a man cooking an unsavory meal and the photographic evidence of a group seemingly hunting in Whitechapel’s sewers, the team investigate a possible cannibalistic club of killers with a repulsive diet of human flesh.

Personal dramas in the Incident Room reach boiling point when Kent and Mansell butt heads. Miles’ research into the supernatural goings on in the police station point him in one particular direction, are the footsteps down the corridors, silty water and mouldy walls all the work of a vandal?

With a young girl missing and no lead on where to find her, Miles forces Chandler to see a psychic, but whilst she helps very little toward the case she instead reveals a message from Chandler’s past, a message he doesn’t want to hear.


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