Lucifer gets early start date for season 6

Lucifer gets early date for season 6 and other SDCC news

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We only had the second part of season 5 on May 28, but good news — Lucifer gets an early date for the final season, and it’s coming this September

Yes, Lucifer is early this year. Fans wondered if we’d see anything this side of New Year, but we will be getting the final season on… September 10! This is the biggest news from the Lucifer panel at SDCC 2021, but there’s more. Meanwhile, take a quick peek (or three) at the release date trailer.

You can watch the Lucifer panel for all the details (and at around 23 minutes we recommend it to all Lucifans) but we’ve picked up on a few.

Returning characters

If you watch the release date trailer (link above), you’ll spot the returning character from the very first Pilot episode. The panel (Tom Ellis, Joe Henderson and Ildy Modrovich) revealed there’s one more character returning as well. We get the sense this is a guest character, not someone like Tom Welling coming back as Pierce/ Kane [though who’s looking after Hell?] but someone else. Our first guesses as either Candy (Lindsey Gort) or Father Frank (Colman Domingo).

Candy Morningstar (Lindsey Gort)

We first met Candy in her own episode, Candy Morningstar in season 2, and she had a return in season 3’s Vegas With Some Radish. This may preclude her from the list, but we think even though her story got a lot of conclusion, there might be something left — meeting Chloe again as a former wife of Lucifer comes in mind as a topic of conversation. Maybe the divorce didn’t go through on a technicality?

Father Frank (Colman Domingo)

We think Father Frank is most likely to come back. Yes he’d dead, but as Lucifer can now (we believe) freely roam Heaven and Hell, he might get a return, perhaps as someone who knows more about Lucifer’s father’s big plan, or more likely someone who can help Dan get out of Hell.


Netflix Lucifer avatars

You can now pick Lucifer avatars for your Netflix account. Overdue perhaps, but easily fixed and now available.

And what about season 6?

Once the panel covered season 5 and the show in general, we got a brief sense of season 6. Here’s our notes, with some spoilers:

Lucifer — now he has what he wants, does he still want it? Can he keep growing as a person? There’s a lot of exploration of what it means to achieve a goal and then need to find something new to strive for

Chloe — Lilith’s ring has no more power. Chloe won’t die if she takes it off, nor can it make her immortal (no talk about the Tree of Life though, in fact no insight into Chloe’s arc for season 6). The end of season 5 had Lucifer put the ring on her ring finger, this is meant as an ’emotional not actual engagement’

Amenadiel — is in the LAPD, but not a detective in only a few weeks!

Ella — there’s story around her getting involved with Dan’s friend Carol Corbett. Is he a baddie? What are the odds… Does Ella find out the truth? Her being a character of faith is central, but as the show’s ending, we can draw our own conclusions. Perhaps she’s always known? We don’t rule out Raphael being involved

We expect more news in the next few weeks (there are only eight until the season 6) and we expect at least one more full trailer. We’ll keep you posted!