‘Being Human’: Series 3 Episode 4 teasers

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In the next episode of Being Human, pregnant Nina and boyfriend George are keen to know exactly what might be growing inside her – and whether her forthcoming transformation on the full moon is going to affect it.

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‘The Pack’ airs at 9pm on Sunday 13th February. Here’s ten teasing lines of dialogue from the episode to whet your appetite…

It’s only bad at first. It’s like jumping into the sea when it’s cold. But then it’s fun, isn’t it?”

Sorry you had to see this, but he shouldn’t have brought you here.”

Bad, bad things. Naked things. In the mud.”

► “Well, whatever you want to call it, I think someone has plans for us.”

► “You telling me you’re willing to hand over your pedigree chums?”

► “It’s our calling. It’s our task. We are soldiers.”

► “Well, let’s see… She’s a Sagittarius, and he’s a 117 year old mass murderer.”

► “That’s what sex is to me; it’s a weapon. It’s never been about love. It’s never even been about lust. It’s just… it’s just the blood.”

► “Ladies and gentlemen, there’s been a change to tonight’s billing. In three minutes, I’m going to kill everyone in this room.”

► “You’ll pay for this. Retribution is coming from overseas…”