‘Primeval’: Series 4 Episode 7 teasers

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The current series of Primeval concludes with anomalies popping up all over a derelict prison… who knows what (or who) will come through them?

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Here’s ten teasing lines of dialogue from the episode…

► “My father warned me that you’d be a distraction.”

► “Matt shot you… Matt likes to shoot people.”

► “I always assumed they were a natural force, like the weather… how could someone change them?”

► “You do trust me, don’t you?”

► “Oh Becker, you’re much cuter than I remember!”

► “I thought I wanted to stay in this world, I don’t – I was wrong.”

► “Helen Cutter isn’t just any old scientist.”

► “Say goodbye to Abby and Conner for me, will you?”

► “You go through that gateway and you’ll be exactly the same person that you are now. ”

► “You let the others know that Burton is not to be trusted…”

The episode airs at 7.30pm on Saturday 5th February on ITV1.