‘Skins Pure’: Part 2 teasers

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Cassie is adrift, alone and invisible in London, trying to make sense of her life. Slowly she realises that someone is following her. Cassie turns towards the unknown. A strange and poignant friendship is carved out of mutual loneliness, but can it survive exposure to the real world?

Skins Pure: Part 2 airs at 10pm on Monday 22 July on E4. To whet your appetite, here are ten teasing lines of dialogue from the episode…

» “Jacob’s going to do me on the beach.”

» “I’m a North London yid, Cassie, I can pass any test.”

» “Nothing changes, does it, Dad?”

» “You’re supposed to get your shit together.”

» “Everyone’s been looking for this girl.”

» “Can you be friends with a boy and not fuck them?”

» “We all waiting for our lives to start.”

» “Don’t spoil it, Jacob, we need to remember something good”

» “You were right, everything matters.”

» “You’re going to do something great.”

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