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‘Skins Rise’: Part 1 review

The last time we saw the manic-hedonistic James Cook in Skins, he was seconds away from killing or being killed in one of the most intense cliffhangers in the show’s history. Cut forward three years, and the alive-and-well Cook works for a drug dealer in bleak suburban Manchester.

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‘Skins Pure’: Part 2 review

After a slow-paced first half, Skins Pure continues to dawdle into its concluding hour. It becomes apparent it has no intention of picking up the pace and this might be the whole point.

Cassie’s neutral, cynical persona ensures that the same numbing melancholia of Part 1 transfers over into this second part. However, the beauty in the isolation remains just as effective, particularly the shots of windswept Welsh beaches and the derelict beach house.

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‘Skins Pure’: Part 1 review

Skins fans who are expecting a Cassie episode of daydreaming, drugs and quirkiness could spend the entire hour waiting for a “wow!” or to hear some reference of Sid, but neither transpire. 2013’s Cassie is something of a surprise, and the drastic development of the character will certainly divide fans.

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