‘Skins’: Series 5 Episode 5 teasers

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In next week’s Skins, Nick realises that everything he thought he wanted – the approval of his father and the rugby success – is crushing him.

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We’ve picked out ten teasing lines of dialogue from the episode, which airs at 10pm on Thursday 24th February on E4…

► “You can stay here and obey my rules… or you can fuck off!”

“What about Liv?”

“I can be your WAG!”

“Just you remember: every move you make… every step you take… I’ll be watching you.”

“Him? He’s your brother? What did they do, raise the afterbirth and give it a name?”

“I can read a body like a book – and this is a depressing book.”

“She knows about us and you two are still together. Don’t you think that’s fucked up?”

“I’m not the one fucking you up, Nick.”

“I don’t know what you need, but it’s not me.”

“You’re not a complete dick.”