‘Skins’: Series 5 Episode 6 teasers

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In next week’s Skins, Alo is fed up of his boring life on Creevey Farm so he goes to the city to seriously party and try and get laid.

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We’ve picked out ten teasing lines of dialogue from the episode, which airs at 10pm on Thursday 3rd March on E4…

► “Go Viking on that shit, burn the fucker down.”

“Yeah, we all just like it the way it is, don’t we?”

“I love you quite a bit, Rich.”

“It’s not alright. Everything that boy touches turns to shit.”

“You know what, Mini? I’m trying really fucking hard to show people that you’re not a complete bitch.”

“Frankie, what’s the deal? Do you like boys or…?”

“I just wanted to thank everyone for coming. My parents are back now – and they’re going to be dicks.”

“I really, really fucked up.”

“Has Hannah Montana died or something?”

“I’m gonna do it. I’m going to grow up.”