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‘The Hour’: Episode 5 teasers

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Taking viewers behind the scenes of a 1956 broadcast news room, Abi Morgan’s new drama series The Hour continues with its fifth episode next week.

Airing at 9pm on Tuesday 16th August on BBC Two, Episode 5 sees the country more divided than ever, with British troops now fighting on the ground in Egypt. Meanwhile, a visit from Marnie finds Bel under fire from Clarence.

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Here are ten teasing lines of dialogue from the episode…

» ‘You are asking the BBC to waive its policy of impartiality.’

» ‘There’s a fine line between fury and desire I tend to find.’

» ‘Oh yeah, this from a man who can’t drink a cup of tea without worrying about the oppression of tealeaf pickers in Ceylon.’

» ‘I could never be like you.  I could never live so lightly.’

» ‘It is such a relief to finally meet a proper woman.’

» ‘They are us.’

» ‘If I was scared for my life, I would run to you and trust that you would know the answer.’

» ‘I will defend your right to make this programme in whatever way you want, but I cannot defend someone who has sold herself so short.’

» ‘The BBC would never jeopardise the security of our nation.’

» ‘There is not another hour for me.’