Doctor Who - The Quintessence cover art crop

The Third Doctor vs the Mondasian Cybermen in a Gothic mystery tale

The next volume of Big Finish’s The Third Doctor Adventures will pit the Doctor and Jo Jones against the men from Mondas in ‘The Quintessence’.  Famously, Jon Pertwee’s Third Doctor didn’t encounter the Cybermen during his original television run. While that fact has been remedied a few times, in ‘The Five Doctors’ and on audio, … >

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Doctor Who - The First Doctor Adventures: Fugitive of the Daleks

The First Doctor Adventures – Fugitive of the Daleks audio review

Stephen Noonan’s tenure as the First Doctor continues with the return of an old companion.  Now in his third boxset of adventures, Stephen Noonan’s performance of the First Doctor breaks new ground. Fugitive of the Daleks not only pits him against his deadliest foes, but also reunites the Doctor with a former companion. Vicki (Maureen … >

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