House of the Dragon

Aegon’s Conquest – HBO developing a further Game of Thrones’ spin-off

Set even earlier than House of the Dragon, the new show would chronicle Aegon’s conquest. Not content with House of the Dragon, the forthcoming Dunk and Egg series and various animated ideas, The Hollywood Reporter have indicated that HBO are actively developing a further live-action shows set in Westeros. Taking place further back in time … >

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Terminator The Anime Series Netflix logo

Netflix announce Terminator: The Anime Series

Fans of homicidal metal robots from the future rejoice!  As part of their Geeked Week, Netflix have announced a new anime series set in the world of Terminator. It comes from the Japanese animation studio Production IG (Ghost in the Shell) and producers Skydance. Here’s the synopsis for Terminator: The Anime Series: 2022: A future war … >

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