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‘Blake’s 7′ audio boxset review: ‘The Liberator Chronicles Volume 11’

The Liberator Chronicles from Big Finish are a regular set of boxsets, each of three CD releases telling new stories for the Liberator crew. Unlike the full-cast series, these stories each have two main narrative voices though in recent releases these are often supplemented with additional, minor characters. They have always been interesting, entertaining and … >

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‘Blake’s 7’ audio story review: ‘Truth and Lies’

In ‘Truth and Lies’ the quest for missing crewmember Dayna comes to a conclusion as the Liberator crew have tracked her to the obscure planet Appalion Five. Of course, nothing is straightforward… Justin Richards, the series script editor, wrote this final piece and took great care to balance the story, giving the regular crew plenty … >

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‘Blake’s 7’ audio story review: ‘Ghost Ship’

The full cast, single-disc audio Ghost Ship is the latest Blake’s 7 story Big Finish has released in their second series of classic adventures, this latest written by Iain McLaughlin. There is an overall theme of the search for Dayna (this is set during Blake’s 7 Season C), but that is all but incidental to … >

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