‘Mr Selfridge’ Series 2 Episode 3 review

Maintaining the high quality drama set up in the previous episodes, the latest Mr Selfridge instalment is carefully crafted, with a bit more balance and light. Key players take a step back, allowing secondary characters stories room to breathe, showcasing the best example of the ensemble cast so far.

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‘Mr Selfridge’ Series 2 Episode 2 review

Talk of Britain being on the brink of war causes unrest within the Selfridges staff, with fears that they will all lose their jobs if Mr Selfridge escapes back to America to avoid the European conflict. This, and demonstrations by Trade Union representatives, leads Harry to create an ‘Empire Exhibition’ to explain to both the customers and the staff that the store is staying put. This is topped off with a staff party held at Delphine’s to boost morale, but with it comes all sorts of conflict and drama.

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‘Prisoners’ Wives’: Series 2 episode guide

In Series 2 of Prisoners’ Wives, glamorous gangster’s wife Francesca and long-suffering prisoner’s Mum, Harriet are joined by two new characters: Kim, the respectable wife of a man falsely accused of the most heinous crime, and Aisling, the gutsy teenage daughter of a repeat offender.

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