Jenny Meets the Cybermen in Still Running

Jenny meets the Cybermen — the Doctor’s daughter is back on audio

Big Finish has announced Georgia Tennant will return to audio this November when the Doctor’s daughter, Jenny meets the Cybermen Due for release in November 2021, Jenny – The Doctor’s Daughter:Still Running features the return of Georgia Tennant in the titular role, as she travels throughout the galaxies with her companion Noah (Sean Biggerstaff). Across these four … >

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Doctor Who - After The Daleks cover artwork

After The Daleks – Doctor Who Early Adventures 7.1 review

After the Daleks breaks new ground for The Early Adventures, as it continues a story after the Doctor has departed. Picking up directly from The Dalek Invasion of Earth, it follows Susan, the Doctor’s granddaughter, who was memorably locked out of the TARDIS and forced to start a new life in the ruins of Earth. … >

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Doctor Who: Jenny The Doctor’s Daughter review

With this set of four stories, Big Finish has avoided the use of ‘series 1’ in the title, but it’s clear from the first few moments this will be a popular and entertaining series for years to come. Georgia Tennant leaps from adventure to adventure, with all the bravado, vigour and joy for life the … >

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