Rowan Atkinson as Mr Bean

Video: Mr Bean makes surprise return in airline safety video

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Rowan Atkinson is set to reprise the role of Johnny English in a new feature film next year. But before that, he’s given another outing to the character of Mr Bean.

Bean was briefly seen on screen in the Chinese film Top Funny Comedian: The Movie last year, and there’s been the animated series, and the odd short. Nonetheless, it’s been ten years since his last cinema outing.
Atkinson, though, has just finished playing Mr Bean again – and this time it’s for an airline safety video.

British Airways hired Rowan Atkinson, along with the likes of Thandie Newton, Sir Ian McKellen, Gillian Anderson and Rob Brydon for its new video. It’ll play while people wait in their seats for take off, and it’s been done in part to support Comic Relief too.

A director’s cut of the video – which will be trimmed for the final version, when it starts playing this autumn – has now been released online. Take a look right here…

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