‘Doctor Who’ caption competition

Our favourite captions this week were:

“Quick, get inside – I’ve just seen Bonnie Langford.” – Kent Tayler

“The BBC deny they are scaling down the new series of Doctor Who…” – Patrick McCafferty

“Introducing Peek-a Capaldi as the 12th Doctor…” – Kat Bean

“When the Doctor told Clara to ‘think outside the box’, Clara literally did!” – Tom Waterfield

  • Joseph Chavez Jr


  • Patrick McCafferty

    The BBC deny reports that the Doctor Who budget had been dramatically reduced…

  • Joe Simons

    “The Doctor always wonders where Clara goes when he has his Gilbert & Sullivan sing-along nights…”

  • Mark Redcliffe

    Unbeknowst to The Doctor, Clara sneaks in the little known back door of the TARDIS

  • Patrick McCafferty

    When you said we were making a mini episode, this isn’t quite what I had in mind…

  • Patrick McCafferty

    Peter Capaldi’s first day in the Tardis gets off to a bad start as he ignores the “Don’t touch the red button” sign…

  • Patrick McCafferty

    Is the Tardis still bigger on the inside, Doctor ?…

  • The Doctor

    Is there still a spider out there…TELL ME CLARA!

  • Patrick McCafferty

    I’ve washed my Tardis and now I just can’t do a thing with it…

  • Francis Szyskowski

    Clara, am I a ginger yet?

  • The Doctor

    I knew this would happen if I made a cup of tea whilst travelling through the vortex!

  • Chosen Idiot

    It’s a…..Sunday!

  • Josh Bussell

    “doctor im tired of hide and seek now” – clara
    “teeheehehehe”-the doctor

  • Patrick McCafferty

    The Doctor remembers, albeit too late, the dangers of reversing the polarity of the neutron flow…

  • Patrick McCafferty

    Is Peter Capaldi too big for Doctor Who ?…

  • Patrick McCafferty

    The BBC deny they are scaling down the new series of Doctor Who…

  • Tom Morgan

    “Doctor, I’m not doing it.”
    “Oh for Gods sake Clara just tell me – DOES MY BUTT LOOK BIG IN THIS?!”

  • Logan Byers

    Well seeing as he seemed as though he didn’t remember how to pilot the Tardis I would assume he would remember all too much about what the Tardis looks like on the outside, so here is my caption.

    “It’s smaller on the outside?”

  • Scott Harwood

    clara:”doctor, doctor, do you want to build a snow man?”
    Doctor:exit stage right “im sick of that song”


    “Told you it was smaller on the outside”
    “Shut up Clara…”

  • Kat Bean

    Introducing Peek-a Capaldi as the 12th Doctor…

  • Nikolaj Loufbye

    “What’s out there, Clara?”
    “The fandom, Doctor. Please tell me you’ve got a plan…”

  • why me?

    *Doctor is stuck*
    “It would seem the TARDIS is actually bigger on the outside”

  • Patrick

    “Clara get inside before it sees you, it’s Steven Moffat!”

  • Steven W.

    Doctor:- “Er… Clara!! I’m out of bog roll here! Go to the village shop and get me some, will you? Run, Clara! Run, and be the impossible girl who saved the Doctor… from a lack of bog roll situation!!!”

  • Sebastian Negron

    tell me Clara, is River still out there? she scares me

  • Christie Killey

    “No, no! It’s not smaller out there, it’s just that everything in here is even BIGGER!”

  • Zach Janus

    Doctor- “Clara don’t you know where we are? We have crash landed on the planet BBC! If that wasn’t bad enough there is a dangerous creature that lurks around these parts of the writers province. A malign being known as Moffat, he is ruthless and will write you out of existence…. Literally write you out of existence so back in the T.A.R.D.I.S.!”
    (I actually really like Moffat don’t take this the wrong way)

  • Geordie


  • Justin Dumbrell

    Now the TARDIS really is smaller on the outside.

  • Allen Walker

    Doctor, I think you pressed the wrong button…. The “Smaller on the Outside” is leaking….

  • Liam Bates

    Clara: it’s smaller on the outside then?
    Doctor: Yes, okay. This is a first

  • Kent Tayler

    Quick, get inside – I’ve just seen Bonnie Langford.

  • rich m .

    there is a dial or knob to stop this but i can’t remember what it looks like or weather to turn it or pull

  • Tom Waterfield

    When the Doctor told Clara to ‘think outside the box’, Clara literally did!

  • Angela Ruiz Gallardo

    Clara, I can’t get out of the TARDIS without my bowtie.

  • styxboy73

    is that Pretty Girl Still out there ???

  • Bobcat

    After fifty long years, the Meddling Monk has his vengeance on the Doctor.

  • kirk

    That should just about do it Clara, Now the TARDIS won’t attract any attention in LegoLand.

  • Nightcourt85

    I was joking when I said the TARDIS could shrink to your size.

  • Henry Eggleton

    I told you not to put the TARDIS through a hot wash!

  • Patrick McCafferty

    The Doctor : “Don’t put me back in the box, I don’t want to go back in the box”
    Clara : “I wonder if all ventriloquists have the same problem with their dummies”…

  • Elizabeth Mackey

    “Clara wh- where did you go? I would know if only I were able to get out of this BLOODY BOX!”

  • Glaciusx

    Clara: Are you naked AGAIN, Doctor?!
    12: ….just give me your coat!

  • kieran Hawkins

    “well now this is just pushing the fact its bigger on the inside”

  • John Bellomo

    Clara I told you not to touch that knob 🙂

  • Patrick McCafferty

    Struggling to buy a birthday present for a Doctor Who fan who has everything ? How about a Tardis portaloo ?…

  • PaulJB

    I don’t know why you have to go outside. You do know the Tardis has 20 toilets.

  • Mark Chamberlin

    “Right, I’ve counted to a hundred and now I’m coming to find you so I hope you’ve hidden somewhere good!”