14 unrecognisable famous guest stars in ‘Doctor Who’

Here we take a look at some of Doctor Who‘s famous guest stars who you might not have recognised…


Peter Kay as The Abzorbaloff in ‘Love & Monsters’



Zoe Wanamaker (Harry Potter, My Family) as Lady Cassandra in ‘The End of the World’ and ‘New Earth’



Ian McKellen (The Hobbit, X-Men) as the voice of The Great Intelligence in ‘The Snowmen’



Steven Berkoff (Octopussy, Rambo II) as the Shakri in ‘The Power of Three’



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  • Matt

    *facepalm* I thought that they meant Brian Cox the space guy was in An Adventure in Space and Time when it was advertised, no wonder I was confused. Also, a fair number of these were recognisable, some distinctive voices here

  • Robert

    Sarah Greene as Varne in Attack of the Cybermen

  • Smegtasticus

    The Racnoss Empress was truly terrible in every way, apart from having a cool design.

    • asd

      You’re retarded

      • Smegtasticus

        That’s the best reply you’ve got?

  • Cush

    Mark Gatiss did the voice of Danny Boy in Victory of the Daleks and A Good Man Goes to War, and played Gantok (the guy the Doctor defeats at electric chess) in The Wedding of River Song.

    • Dayna

      Did not know that. hmmm! Thanks Cush!

  • Johanne

    If Karen Gillian is in this, so should the actor of Martha. She was in the episode Rose part1 I believe

    • Anika

      But she’s not in any sort of disguise. You can clearly see that it’s her.

      • Toby Kirkby

        Although it is not her, at least not the character of Martha, they make it quite clear that that character is Martha’s cousin. So it counts

        • Aengus Fallon

          But she’s completely recognisable in it.

        • Parker ♀♀

          This photoset is about actors who were in an unrecognizable state in the show

    • CaraFox

      You mean Army of Ghosts. There is no such episode as “Rose part 1”.

  • Amelia

    Josh Dallas (Once Upon A Time) as one of the faces in the ‘Silence in the Library’.

    • Zaptoid

      NO WAY

      • Lokitty Laufeyson

        YA WAI

  • Diana Howe

    Andrew Garfield was in The Daleks Take Manhattan.

    • Aengus Fallon

      And was recognisable in it.

  • hevv

    simon pegg was also in doctor whooo!!

  • Candace

    Andrew Garfield in the Daleks in Manhattan!

    • Seventh Reign

      What part of “unrecognizable” is so hard to understand?

  • Miles Metts

    Wait, Karen Gillian AND Peter Capaldi were in the Fires of Pompeii?
    Moffat’s planning something, I CAN FEEL IT IN MY BONES!

    • Karl

      Also the news. Yes. The news stated they’d be addressing that.

  • Jon-Michael DeShazer

    What about Carey Mulligan of ‘The Great Gatsby’ fame? She was the featured star of the infamous ‘Blink’ episode of Series 3.

    • Shash

      This was just about ‘unrecognisable’ stars. Carey was still recognisable.

  • Dom

    At least half of them were instantly recognisable…

    • retard


  • Kieran Dyke

    Pauline Collins as Queen Victoria in Tooth and Nail.
    John Bell (Bain in the Hobbit movies) is the “sky is made of diamonds” kid in Utopia
    Victoria Wicks (Sally from Drop the Dead Donkey) as the High Priestess in the Fires of Pompeii
    Chris Ryan (The Young Ones) as General Staal in the Sontaran Strategem
    comedian Alexander Armstrong as the voice of Mr Smith (The Stolen Earth, and all of the Sarah Jane Adventures). He appears in person in the Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe.
    Michael Sheen as the voice of House in the Doctor’s Wife
    Imelda Staunton as the voice of the Interface in The Girl Who Waited

    and re: Sarah Parish, she had an affair with David Tennant in Blackpool.

    • asd

      Thanks for listing a list of people who were recognisable, you might want to learn how to read.

  • Laura Taylor

    Took me ages to realise that Tallulah in Daleks in Manhattan was Jo out of Spooks!

  • Bill McCann III

    For someone to be unrecognizable (we must be) unable to recognize or identify them from previous encounters or knowledge. Ardal O’Hanlon was heavily disguised as Brannigan in ‘Gridlock’ however as the voice of The Great Intelligence in ‘The Snowmen’ Ian McKellen’s voice was instantly recognizable. I have seen Ardal O’Hanlon in both Father Ted and My Hero but still had a tough time figuring out who the actor was behind the make-up whereas Ian McCellan never appeared on-screen. This is a faulty list at best, entertaining, but faulty, for it begins with ‘Here we take a look at some of Doctor Who‘s famous guest stars who you might not have recognised under all the make-up…’ because at least 4 of the 12 on it NEVER appeared on screen.

    • ShhhItsOk

      Though it is possible to not recognize a voice and is more common than not recognizing a face. I didn’t know who voiced the Great Intelligence, though I can hear it now that I know who it is. You’re just trying to sound smart by being a pompous ass. It’s just a fun list.

      • Bill McCann III

        Funny how facts cause some to resort to name calling. There’s nothing pompous about pointing out that a number of the guest stars named in the list don’t appear on screen. I do not know whether William Martin (credited for posting the article on January 31, 2015) is or was responsible for the original article which to the best of my knowledge was posted at least 6 months ago but it is clear that the premise for the list has changed since it was first posted. Currently the article reads: ‘Here we take a look at some of Doctor Who‘s famous guest stars who you might not have recognised… Peter Kay as The Abzorbaloff in Love & Monsters…’ but originally it read: ‘Here we take a look at some of Doctor Who’s famous guest stars who you might not have recognised under all the make-up… Peter Kay as The Abzorbaloff in Love & Monsters…’ Obviously the person or persons responsible for posting the list edited out the words ‘under all the make-up’ and that’s what my original comment took exception to which is to say all is right with the world… or at least the list. I am tempted to quote the first Doctor in closing, a line he directed at Ian Chesterton in ‘An Unearthly Child’ seems appropriate… ‘Your arrogance is nearly as great as your ignorance,’ but I think I’ll skip it and just ignore you instead.

    • Jocelyn Haeberle

      All true but we recognized Ardal’s voice almost instantly. There was some screaming involved, I’m sorry to say 😉

  • Thea

    Mark Gatiss didn’t play Gantok, that was Rondo Haxton according to the credits of that episode!

    • CultBox

      Yeah, apparently “Mark Gatiss is not credited in The Wedding of River Song under his own name, but as Rondo Haxton, a reference to actor Rondo Hatton, on whom Gantok’s acromegalic facial features seem to be based.”

    • Seventh Reign

      Yea, he did. Its pretty common knowledge.

    • Carmella Rosenbach

      Rondo Haxton died in the 40’s!

  • Seventh Reign

    Love Brian Cox, and Solomon’s Robots were hilarious in Dinosaurs on a Spaceship.

    • Capowldi

      Surprised no one mentions that David Bradley aka Finch in HP movies and William Hartnell in the Adventures of Time and Space was Solomon in that episode!

  • Matt Hill

    Nonsense, the only ones I didn’t recognise were the ones I didn’t know in the first place.

  • NoLongerARegisteredUser

    Famous guest stars? More like ‘before they were famous’ in some cases, hardly guest stars.

  • Paul K. Sulkowski

    Peter Capaldi also played in “Fires of Pompey.”

    • asd

      Pompeii* and yes, but we an see he’s peter capaldi

  • Samantha Galarza

    I knew all of those

  • Aengus Fallon

    Many commenters suggesting other guest stars don’t seem to understand the word “unrecognisable”…

    • ShhhItsOk


  • Paul Goodwin

    Don’t forget Bernard Breslaw in The Ice Warriors.

  • Bänny Baryton Johansson

    “Ian McKellen (The Hobbit, X-men)” why choose Hobbit over LOTR in description?…

    • Lokitty Laufeyson

      Why choose Hobbit or LOTR over X-Men?

  • Anna MV

    Oh my god, I had no idea Mark Gatiss even starred, woah

    • Shane

      He also played the antagonist in “The Lazarus Experiment”

  • Benda Gómez

    Colin Morgan (The adventures of Merlin) in “Look Who’s Talking” and “Midnight”

  • Maki

    How about Nick Frost as Santa in the newest Christmas episode???

  • TrustMeImWhovian

    LOL, idiots! What part of “unrecognizable” is so hard to understand?!

  • Kris

    Face, not so much, since they never showed his face, but was there actually anybody who didn’t immediately recognize the voice of Sir Ian McKellan? His voice is so distinct that I thought it was an impossible one to miss!

  • Terry

    Moaning Myrtle was also a face in the Library.

  • Lisa Mata Farnworth

    Thomas Brodie-Sangster. In the episode: Human Nature (as Tim Latimer). Currently appearing in the movie Maze Runner.

    • Aengus Fallon

      Do you know what “unrecognisable” means?

  • Tati Desireé

    Andrew Garfield was in Daleks in Manhattan and Simon Pegg was in The Long Game

  • Jess

    The Karen Gillian picture was easy to recognise