15 actors who’ve appeared in ‘Doctor Who’ as different characters

“I never know where the faces come from. They just pop up…”

Now that we finally have an explanation for why the Twelfth Doctor chose the face of Peter Capaldi, following previous roles in Doctor Who and Torchwood, CultBox decided to take a look at the many actors who have played more than one character in the show…


Karen Gillan as companion Amy Pond and as a Soothsayer in ‘The Fires of Pompeii’



Clive Swift as Jobel in ‘Revelation of the Daleks’ and as Mr Copper in ‘Voyage of the Damned’



Colin Baker as Commander Maxil in ‘Arc of Infinity’ and as the Sixth Doctor



Sheila Reid as Etta in ‘Vengeance on Varos’ and as Clara’s gran in ‘The Time of the Doctor’ and ‘Dark Water’



Mark Gatiss as Professor Richard Lazarus in ‘The Lazarus Experiment’ and as Gantok in ‘The Wedding of River Song’



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  • Mike Holland

    Was the voice for the Reverend Mother in “Fires of Pompeii” done by the same actress as Raknos in “Runaway Bride”? Digital alterations notwithstanding, I’m pretty sure I detected enough similarities to at least suspect it.

    • NX

      No – Raknos was played by Sarah Parish, and the High Priestess was played by Victoria Wicks.

  • mark maguire

    Naoko Mori: Toshiko “Tosh” Sato. also in “Aliens of London”.

    • CultBox

      I think (might be wrong) that her character in Torchwood is meant to be the same person as her character in Doctor Who…

      • Grumpy Middle Aged Man

        You’re right…she had to go undercover to investigate the augmented pig from the spaceship in that episode, as Owen from Torchwood was supposed to be doing it, but he was having a nervous breakdown at the time. So she was filling in for him. We didn’t know that ’till much later though, as the Torchwood series hadn’t started production at that stage…

    • Kyle Edgecomb

      That was the same character, Tosh was undercover in London at this incident.

    • Asd

      It’s the same character. Besides, Tosh never appears again on Doctor Who apart from that episode. The only time when Torchwood appears again, her and Owen are already dead

  • Nessa

    What about Wilf?!

    • Adam O

      Doesn’t count. The Peter Cushing movies don’t count.

      • Susan

        Wilf was in voyage of the damned as a stallholder. It’s never been made clear if that character was Donna’s granddad then or not

        • Adam Sumnall

          It was, When The 10th Doctor went to Donna’s house, Wilf said that he remembers him as he vanished away from him on Christmas Eve

          • Silje Zuno Vågshaug

            But they had a different actor planed as the role (father rather than grandfather though, but otherwise identical) He even played in the first episode, but he got too sick and was no longer able to continue so they recast. As I understand he wasn’t meant to have been the same character, but it didn’t crash either so he could just as well be =)

        • DB

          Yes it has. In The Poison Sky Wilf recognises the Doctor from Voyage of the Damned, thus confirming the stallholder was Donnas grandad.

      • Roan Van Slooten

        But he also was in various Eigth Doctor’s Audios as various characters

        • Teresa Rooff

          If you want to count audio adventures, David Tennant played several characters in a few of the audio adventures before he got the role of the Doctor.

      • Christina

        “actors who’ve appeared in Doctor Who as different characters” – it doesn’t specify TV series, audio or even canon, ergo movies count.

      • Anon

        He was also in The Voyage Of The Damned as an unnamed character. Though they always say “We never said he wasn’t Donna’s granddad!”

        • David

          More than that, they explicitly made the connection several times in Series 4, with Wilf and the Doctor recognising each other from the earlier encounter. It’s a retcon, but the character in ‘Voyage…’ is most definitely Wilf.

      • Chara’s Dad

        Why not? It’s still official, even if not canon.

      • Chara’s Dad

        Why not? They’re still Doctor Who, even if it is the universe next door.

  • Kyle Edgecomb

    Peter Capaldi also was in Torchwood as Frobisher, Bernard Cribbens was that police officer in “Dalek Invasions of Earth 2150 AD” film

  • Adam O

    Here’s one. Anne Reid. Was in The Curse of Fenric with Sylvester McCoy, and then came back to play the Plasmovore in Smith and Jones. 🙂

    • Adam O

      Plasmavore, sorry. Just realised my spelling mistake. But yeah, there’s one.

    • Ollie Walton-harrod

      yeah I noticed that one the other day, when I watched ‘The Curse of Fenric’ for the first time.

  • Herbert Ragan

    Maybe going a little around the bend on this but Bernard Cribbins was companion of the Peter Cushing Doctor in the film “Daleks – Invasion Earth: 2150 A.D.” as well as the Donna’s Grandfather and Companion of the Tenth Doctor

    • Roan Van Slooten

      he was also a few other characters in the Big Finish audios, and that is not going around the bend

  • Marc Norton

    Christopher Benjamin played H.G. Jago in “The Talons of Weng Chiang” and Colonel Hugh in “The Unicorn and the Wasp”.

    • Prince of Darkness

      He was also Sir Keith Gold in Inferno 🙂

  • Matthew Holland

    The Pirate lady captain in Peter Davison’s Enlightenment was also in the Matt smith episode where he and a friend meet the Cybermen, as the old lady at the store watching the one guys baby.

    • Jonathon Emerson

      Lynda Baron, who was also in the Gunfighters with Hartnell. Best known as Nurse Gladys Emmanuel from Open All Hours.

      • Lord President

        Lynda Baron wasn’t in The Gunfighters, she did however provide the vocals for The Ballad of the Last Chance Saloon!

  • Kidfla5h68

    A couple that have been missed. Jacqueline Hill as Barbara Wright and Lexa in the Tom Baker story Meglos and Peter Purves as Morton Dill in the Chase and as Steven Taylor.

  • Kidfla5h68

    Oh and how could we forget Lalla Ward?

    • Liana

      Yeah, that’s a big one

  • Jonathon Emerson

    Michael Sheard should be on the list. He was in The Ark, The Mind Of Evil, Pyramids Of Mars, The Invisible Enemy, Castrovalva and The Remembrance Of The Daleks. One of the few actors to have been killed by Darth Vader, as Admiral Ossel in Empire and the Daleks, and also played Hitler in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

    • willvigar

      He was also Hitler in The Tomorrow People and actually played Hitler in no less that five times!

    • Michael Bater

      Don’t forget Mr Bronson in Grange Hill

  • Simon Millard

    Philip Maddoc was in The Krotons, The Power of Kroll and as Solon in The Brain of Morbius to name 3

    • drjohnsmith

      Don’t forget The Warlord in The War Games

  • Prince of Darkness

    Bernard Horsfall played Gulliver in The Mind Robber, a Time Lord in The War Games, Taron in Planet of the Daleks and Goth In The Deadly Assasin 🙂

    • Lemmy Koopa

      It’s later revealed that Goth is the time lord you speak of in the War Games. Same with Gulliver. That is supposedly Goth in disguise, monitering the Doctor.

  • Frans

    How can you leave out Michael Wisher?!?!

  • SteamMoose .

    Jacqueline Hill and Jean Marsh – They both played a companion of the First Doctor, and then a totally different character several years later.

  • SteamMoose .

    And of course, Patrick Troughton who played the Second Doctor and Salamander in the SAME episode!

    • Roan Van Slooten

      that doesn’t really count, as that was intentional for the plot

      • ben

        “Actors who’ve appeared in Doctor Who as different characters”, how does that not count?

        • Chance_X74

          In that case, you might as well toss Tom baker in there as The Doctor and Meglos.

          • Dan Short

            And Tennant as Metacrisis Doctor and The Doctor! ^^

          • Chava Malka Cooper

            matt smith as the doctor and mr clever…

        • Lemmy Koopa

          there would then be one for every Doctor except Pertwee, McCoy, McGann, Hurt, and Eccleston.

  • Susan

    and of course there are all the many many times the Doctor or a companion get ‘possessed’ or ‘cloned’. Leaving the actor playing two parts in the same episode.

  • Ivan

    George Pravda – Alexander Denes in The Enemy of the World, Jaeger in The Mutants and Spandrell in The Deadly Assassin.

  • Javafiend

    Wanda Ventham (Benedict Cumberbatch’s mother) appeared in classic Who in ‘Image of the Fendhal’ and ‘Time and the Rani’

  • Seventh Reign

    Gatiss was also the voice of “Danny Boy”

  • Mark Heron

    Michael Sheard, who was in The Ark, The Mind of evil, The pyramids of Mars, the invisible enemy, castrovalva and remembrance of the Daleks. A great actor

  • Kupo

    Also Peter Capaldi also performs as the director of torchwood i think

    • Tom

      Actually he played John Frobisher the Permanent Secretary to the Home Office and Torchwood Three’s liaison to the British government. He was later appointed informal ambassador to the 456 in “Torchwood: Children of Earth”.

  • Richard Long

    Julian Glover was Richard I in The Crusades and Scaroth in City of Death.

  • DB

    Philip Madoc, Prentis Hancock, Stephen Thorne.

  • voivodevlad

    Jacqueline Hill as companion Barbara Wright with the first Doctor, then as Lexa in the episode Meglos with the fourth.

  • mateo8

    Lazy list. There are tons more from the classic series. Where is the Pat Gorman!!??!!

    • Lemmy Koopa

      This is just 15 of them. By no means is it all if them.

    • CultBox

      We’ll update it with more soon! 🙂

  • Kjetil

    Ingrid Pitt in The Time Monster and Warriors of the Deep

  • SimonCurtis

    Freddie Jaeger. Cyril Shaps.

  • popquiz

    What About John Leeson, most of the time being K( but also in the Power Of Kroll as Dugeen

    • popquiz

      Apologies, that should be K9.

  • Philippa

    Lalla Ward as Princess Astra in The Armageddon Factor and then of course as Romana.

    • Antonis Armageddon

      Yeah, but Romana states that she chose to regen into the shape of princess astra.

  • Martin McConnell

    Peter capaldi in torchwood children of earth

  • Hello

    Jaqueline Hill as companion Barbara Wright and Lexa in iforgettheepisodename.

    • Lemmy Koopa


  • Shannon

    Chipo Chung was also in Sherlock, Hound of the Baskerville as the narrator of the documentary about the experimental facilities and Henry Knight’s visions of the monstrous hound

    • Mr. Eyebrows

      Oh but one problem, this isnt about Sherlock!

  • Richard Hale

    Louis Mahoney as a newscaster in Frontier in Space, Ponti in Planet of Evil, and as Old Billy Shipton in Blink. Because life is long and you are hot.

  • Mike S

    try GEORGE PRAVDA. I have seen him in 3 episodes with doctors 2,3 and 4.” enemy of the world ” Denes(2),”the mutants” Jaeger(3) and ” deadly assassin” Castellan Spandrell (4).

  • Mike S

    do you know what well known BRITISH BAND was in DOCTOR WHO? clue: it was in the 1960’s.

    • Lemmy Koopa

      The Beatles were at the beginning of The Chase. They used footage that was later wiped by the BBC (like many of the Doctor Who stories from the 60s and early 70s), so the footage used in the Chase is actually the only surviving footage from that recording.

  • Greg Breen

    Peter Capaldi as John Frobisher in Torchwood: Children of Earth.

    • James Clapp

      and in fires of pompei

    • PJ

      Greg: Torchwood =/= Doctor Who.

      James: That was listed.

      • disqus_xsuvZtH88q

        Same universe, though.

        • Victor Brueggemann

          Doctor Who is not even in the same universe as Doctor Who anymore. X(

          • Kaiko Mikkusu

            Yeah, the new series is in the Post Time War universe or whatever.

  • Mascanie

    Tom Baker as the 4th doctor and then ‘the curator’ in the 50th Anniversary special.

  • Taliesin Bailey

    Tom Baker as the Doctor and the Curator in the day of the Doctor…?

    • Meekrob

      Ah, but are they in fact different characters?

      • Skye Starr

        Who knows……

    • Chance_X74


  • Matty M

    Another interesting one, while he may not have appeared in Doctor Who. But, In Remembrance of The Daleks, the welsh man at the Funeral Parlor at the beginning of Episode 2 is the same actor who plays Gwen’s Father in Torchwood! 😀

    • Hisi79

      He was also the council member killed by Margret Slitheen at the start of Boomtown

  • Tony Perez

    Does Richard E. Grant in [i]The Curse Of Fatal Death[/i] count?

  • Matthew Rutledge

    What about the stuntman from the original series who was just about every Dr Who monster.

    • Bulldogboy

      and Paul Kasey now who plays most of the monsters

  • Don G

    peter purves as Morton Dill in the Chase, just before playing Steven Taylor. Ian Marter in Carnival of Monsters,

  • Brian C

    dan starky plays Strax now but he was also Comander Skorr of the Sontarans

  • Mike Y

    Lalla Ward as Princess Astra and Time Lady Romanadvoratrelundar (or Romana for short) in her second incarnation.

  • dango1232

    Karen gillan is in fires of pompei as one of the priestesses and then she is of course Amy pond =)

    • PJ

      She was listed. She was actually the first one.

  • Alyse Allen

    Neve McIntosh has played 3 characters, all three Silurian woman of the new series: Alaya, Restac, and Vastra.

  • TimeLordTerri

    Lalla Ward, who was Princess Astra in The Armaggedon Factor, and then Romanadvoratrelundar II for the series afterwards…

  • Owen Thompson

    Michael Sheard was in at least four different stories playing a different character each time

  • Justin S

    I mean…. I guess you could say Tom Baker as the 4th Doctor and as “The Curator” in The Day of the Doctor, although it was referenced to some degree that he was the Doctor and may have been supposed to be the Doctor there, even though he was old and didn’t have his scarf and all.

  • blades

    Here is one, the fourth doctor plays the curator in day of the doctor

  • Emily

    In s2: e7 Rise of the Cybermen, Arthur Darvill appears as an extra. He is one of the humans who has the little ear things on and he is about to be turned into a cyberman

    • Phillip Bauer

      that may be alternate Rory from pete’s dimension

    • PJ

      It was s2 e05 not 07.

  • paula

    Neve McIntosh played the female Silurians on The Hungry Earth/Cold Blood. Now she also plays Madame Vastra.

  • Jessica

    Paul Darrow as Captain Hawkins in Doctor Who and the Silurians and as Tekker in Timelash. In fairness, one should always cast Paul Darrow whenever possible.

    • Michael Bater

      Perhaps the Doctor should pop up & rescue Avon, just after the camera fades to the titles in ‘Blake’

  • Phillip Bauer

    Steve Taylor as the country bumkin in “the chase”

  • CallinghamM

    Wasn’t Peter Capaldi also in Torchwood: Children of Earth?

  • Caitlin

    Billie piper!! Played Rose Tyler and bad wolf 🙂

    • E

      The Bad Wolf WAS Rose though…

  • gavinjamescampbell

    This list is far from complete, and many of the comments point out the gaps.
    Terry Walsh, Dave Carter, Stuart Fell, and Pat Gorman were constantly re-appearing in Doctor Who as background characters throughout the entire 1970’s.

  • Daniel R. Goulet

    How could one forget the great Michael Sheard who made several appearances on Doctor Who? 🙂 He worked with every Doctor during the program’s original run save Patrick Troughton and Colin Baker. He was also a one-time Big Finish audio actor, where he worked with Paul McGann. He appeared in The Ark, Mind of Evil, Pyramids of Mars, The Invisible Enemy, Castovalva, Remembrance of the Daleks, and the audio adventure The Stones of Venice.

  • Hars

    Does Tom Baker as the 4th Doctor/the Curator count?

    • James Vaughan


    • Yes, according to the latest 11th Doctor comic.

  • Dougal S

    What about Lynda Baron who was in Enlightenment as Captain Wrack and Closing Time as Val 🙂

  • Ber

    Clara….? She was the dalek in the one episode

  • Joseph Lewis

    I believe the actress that played chantho was also one of the other holders of the ostahagen (sp) key

  • kiwitattoo

    Louis Mahoney in Frontier in Space, Planet of Evil and Blink. (not sure if he was mentioned)

  • Lord President

    Paul Darrow appeared twice playing Captain Hawkins in the serial Doctor Who and the Silurians which was transmitted in 1970 and Maylin Tekker in the serial Timelash which was transmitted in 1985.

  • Damian Christie

    You forgot Lalla Ward, who played Princess Astra in The Armageddon Factor (1979) before she played Romana’s second incarnation from Destiny of the Daleks onwards (1979-80). Ian Marter also appeared in Carnival of Monsters (1973) before getting the gig as Fourth Doctor companion Harry Sullivan (1974-75). Jean Marsh, who played Hartnell companion Sara Kingdom in The Dalek Masterplan (1965) was also in The Crusade (1965) and Battlefield (1989). And Jacqueline Hill, who played teacher Barbara Wright, one of the first travellers in the TARDIS (1963-65), returned to the program in 1980 as high priestess Lexa, alongside Tom Baker’s Doctor.
    And if you want to count doubles as other parts, then Mary Tamm (Romana’s first incarnation, 1978-79) also played Princess Strella in The Androids of Tara (1979) and Sarah Sutton (Nyssa, 1980-83) played Ann Talbot in Black Orchid (1982). The Doctors have also had various doubles: William Hartnell played the Abbott of Amboise in The Massacre (1965), Patrick Troughton played Salamander (The Enemy of the World, 1968), Tom Baker also doubled as Meglos (1980) and Peter Davison doubled for Omega in Arc of Infinity (1983). David Tennant and Matt Smith, of course, also played their character’s duplicates (Journey’s End, 2008 and The Also People, 2011).

    • Michael Croft

      And Anthony Ainley played Tremas of Traken and The Master…

  • liam

    Peter purves played an american tourist in the 3rd ep of ‘The Chase’ and was back in ep 6 as Steven Taylor who ran with the doc for a while

  • Olivia Hexberg

    What about Tom Baker? In the 50th.

  • 6t4

    Dan Starkey was Strax, and he was the elf Ian in Last Christmas.

  • Dalek

    Mark Gatiss was also Danny Boy.

  • Lu5

    The actor who plays Strax was an elf in the most recent Christmaa special.

  • Yas

    Clara Oswald and the maid in the second titanic episode

  • Jack Woodgate

    Jimmy Vee. Played the Moxx of Balhoon in ‘The End of the World’, Bannakaffalatta in ‘Voyage of the Damned’, Skovox Blitzer in ‘The Caretaker’ and the “pig alien” in ‘Aliens of London’.

  • Borusa’s Breakfast

    I think David Troughton was also in The War Games. There are some others, though these were part of the plot of there being dopplegangers, such as Patrick Troughton being Salamander, or Peter Davison as Omega in Arc of Infinity. Philip Madoc has appeared several times too.

  • vcferlita

    Lynda Baron who played Val in “Closing Time” sang the song in The Gunfighters and was also in the episodes Elightenment.

  • Daniel Rawlings

    The voice of “House” in Series 6 was the same man who voiced “456” in Torchwood.

  • Richard Cubitt

    david troughton was private more in the war games too, and a guard in the enemy of the world

    • Marie Bérangère

      O_o David troughton was the King of Peladon in “the curse of Peladon” (third doctor) and in Midnight (tenth doctor) he played the professor (whatever his name was)

  • Steve Vil

    Neve McIntosh played two Silurian sisters (Alaya / Restac) before playing Madame Vastra.

  • Ken Patterson

    Then there’s Jeremy (Boba Fett) Bulloch who appeared with William Hartnell in The Space Museum and with Jon Pertwee in The Time Warrior.

  • GordonBennett

    There’s also the LEGEND that is Martin Jarvis – a Menoptra in The Web Planet, the Governor in Vengeance on Varos – just to name 2 of his many Who roles.. Or John Levene – Before he became the wonderful Sgt John Benton, he was a Yeti in The Web of Fear… Michael Kilgarriff as the Cyber Controller (Tomb/Attack of the Cybermen) and The Robot (Robot).. Christopher Robbie as the Karkus (The Mind Robber) and Cyberleader (Revenge of the Cybermen).. Cy Town – Dalek (multiple times) and Haemovore (Curse of Fenric)… The BBC recycles actors so much for who that no-one could really produce a complete list, but then, 50 years does Kinda make that inevitable…

  • Emily Louise Ashworth

    Neve mcintosh played 3 different Silurians, Alaya and Restac and Madame Vastra

  • Freya Henfrey

    Janet Henfrey was in the Curse of Fenric and then in Mummy on the Orient Express

  • Kieran Dyke

    Also Lynda Baron, who played Captain Wrack in Enlightenment (1983) and was in Closing Time (2011)

  • Harry Robins

    colin baker, karen gillan, peter capaldi, clara’s gran

  • Marlow Weaver

    Michael Sheard played six characters in the original show from 1964 to 1989. Including Pyramids of Mars and his last appearance in Remembrance of the Daleks. Plus they are many more.

  • Jeffrey Duane

    Wtf Amy pond and the 12th doctor are both in the fires of Pompeii. Come on Internet!!

  • Chara’s Dad

    Wendy Padbury played Zoë, and then a few years later a companion named Jenny in a Doctor Who stage play. Not the show, but still official.

  • Chara’s Dad

    Katy Manning as Jo Grant and Iris Wildthyme.

  • Michael Ovaska

    Small, but Arthur Darvill was in the Alt Universe just like Freema was. He can be seen for a couple seconds and was an extra.

  • dinosaursonaspaceship

    Bernard Cribbins played Tom Campbell in Daleks Invasion Earth 2150 AD and later played Wilfred Mott in the 10th Doctors’ series.

  • Michaelsh

    Billie Piper as Rose Tyler and the Bad Wold (The Day of the Doctor) 😉

  • David Bell

    Karen Gillan was a Soothsayer in “The Fires of Pompeii” alongside Peter Capaldi who was Caecilius. Both later returned to play Amy Pond and The Doctor.

  • quatermass

    Colin Baker.

  • Atadiusti

    Out of all of them, Eve Myles actually had a canonic reason to play both her characters. Gwyneth and Gwen Cooper are heavily implicated as being directly related (not by genetic line – as Gwyneth died before ever settling down, but by the timey-wimey shenanigans that the Time Rift was pulling).

  • Millie

    Karen Gillan and Peter Capaldi. They were in Fires of Pompeii and then became the Doctors companion and the Doctor

  • Liana

    The old lady who dies at the beginning of Mummy on the Orient Express also dies on The Curse of Fenric.

  • Richard E Grant as alternate 10th Doctor, alternate 9th Doctor, Walter Simeon and the Great Intelligence.

    Sylvester McCoy as the 6th and 7th Doctors.

    David Tennant as the 10th Doctor, MetaCrisis Doctor and various characters for Big Finish.

    Billie Piper as Rose Tyler and the Moment.

    Tom Baker as the 4th Doctor, Xoanon, Meglos and the Curator.

    William Hartnell as the 1st Doctor and the Abbot of Ambroise.

    Patrick Troughton as the 2nd Doctor and Salamander.

  • DJCo

    Julian Glover as Richard the Lionheart in ‘The Crusade’ and Scaroth in ‘City of Death’.

    Michael Sheard as (deep breath…) Rhos in ‘The Ark’, Dr. Summers in ‘The Mind of Evil’, Lawrence Scarman in ‘Pyramids of Mars’, Lowe in ‘The Invisible Enemy’, Mergrave in ‘Castrovalva’ and the Headmaster in ‘Remembrance of the Daleks’.

    Christopher Benjamin as Sir Keith Gold in ‘Inferno’, Henry Gordon Jago in ‘The Talons of Weng-Chiang’ (and continuing on audio) and Colonel Hugh in ‘The Unicorn and the Wasp’.

    Michael Wisher as John Wakefield in ‘The Ambassadors of Death’, Rex Farrel in ‘Terror of the Autons’, Kalik in ‘Carnival of Monsters’, the original Davros in ‘Genesis of the Daleks’ Magrik in ‘Revenge of the Cybermen’, Morelli in ‘Planet of Evil’, and several voice-over roles.

    William Thomas as Martin in ‘Remembrance of the Daleks’ and Cleaver in ‘Boom Town’ (also a recurring role in Torchwood as Gwen’s father Geraint Cooper).

    Terry Molloy as the third Davros in ‘Resurrection…’, ‘Revelation…’ and ‘Remembrance of the Daleks’, and Russell in ‘Attack of the Cybermen’.

    Lalla Ward as Princess Astra in ‘The Armageddon Factor’ and as the second Romana from ‘Destiny of the Daleks’ to ‘Warrior’s Gate’.

    If we’re counting connected characters like Astra and Romana, and Caecilius and the Twelfth Doctor, given that both involved Time Lords choosing to regenerate into someone else’s face, then we can surely include Anthony Ainley as Tremas in ‘The Keeper of Traken’ and the Master from ‘The Keeper of Traken’ to ‘Survival’ (counting Eric Roberts as both Bruce and the Master in the TV movie might be stretching it a bit though… ;)).

    Sticking with the Master, Geoffrey Beevers as Johnson in ‘The Ambassadors of Death’ and the Master in ‘The Deadly Assassin’.

    Dan Starkey as various Sontaran clones (most notably Strax) and Ian the elf in ‘Last Christmas’.

  • Lara

    Jacqueline Hill played companion to the first doctor Barbara Wright was Lex in the fourth doctor episode Meglos.

  • Chara’s Dad

    Katy Manning as Jo Grant/Jones and Iris Wildthyme, Wendy Padbury as Zoe Heriot and Jenny from a Doctor Who stage play.

  • Shaun Reid

    If you include voice acting then Gabriel Woolf was the voice of Sutekh in Pyramids of Mars and the Beast in The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit.

  • Louis Sather

    Peter Purvis played a Texan in “The Chase” before becoming Steven Taylor, the 1st Doctor’s companion.
    Terry Malloy played Davros several times, but can also be seen without make-up in “Attack of the Cybermen”

  • SPT

    Princess Astra and Romana II were both played by the same Woman

  • Really, you forgot Lalla Ward? Not only her role was way more important than those of some others listed here, but it’s also I believe the only “double” openly acknowledged and explained other than the Twelfth Doctor’s 🙂

  • David Lee

    Edward Burnham played Professor Watkins in “The Invasion” (Patrick Troughton) and later played Professor Kettlewell in “Robot” (Tom Baker).

  • Marc Time Lord Sharp

    Peter Purves appeared as two different characters in the same story, Jacqueline Wright appeared as two different characters.

  • Chawk

    Dan Starkey

  • Ben

    Clara Oswald- soufflé girl

  • Mike Lancaster

    You forgot Ian Marter who was in Carnaval of Monsters and was Harry Sullivan.

  • Betty

    Eleanor Bron co starred with John Cleese in City of Death and Alexsey Sayle in Revelation of the Daleks.