16 actors from ‘Game of Thrones’ who’ve appeared in ‘Doctor Who’

We take a look at some of the many Game of Thrones actors who’ve travelled from Westeros to the Doctor Who universe.


Mark Gatiss as Tycho Nestoris and as Professor Richard Lazarus in ‘The Lazarus Experiment’



Paul Kaye as Thoros and as Prentis in ‘Under the Lake’ and ‘Before the Flood’

Paul Kaye


Maisie Williams as Arya Stark and as Ashildr in ‘The Girl Who Died’ and ‘The Woman Who Lived’

Maisie Williams


Lucian Msamati as Salladhor Saan and as Guido in ‘The Vampires of Venice’

Lucian Msamati


Harry Lloyd as Viserys Targaryen and as Baines in ‘Human Nature’ and ‘The Family of Blood’

DW GOT Harry


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  • Ashli Daisy Gilbert

    Owen Harper from Torch wood is also in Game Of Thrones.

    • dr who is gay

      thats not dr who

      • Joshua Taulbee

        Nor was the one with Sarah Jane Smith chronicles. Besides doctor who is a great show. .. off and on for 50 years so can’t be that bad.

        • Steven Charlton

          But that episode of Sarah Jane did have The Doctor in it – The Death Of The Doctor…

          • sarah

            still wasn’t doctor who

          • It’s in the Doctor Who universe. You will note, I hope, that the SJA and TW actors are presented as *bonuses*, if you actually *read* the article.

          • sarah

            I did actually read the article I was replying to the comment that said “But that episode of Sarah Jane did have The Doctor in it – The Death Of The Doctor…” even though it had the Doctor in it it still wasn’t Doctor Who.

          • matthewsee

            Doctor Who spin-offs counts.

          • matthewsee

            The article says Doctor Who universe and that includes Torchwood and SJA.

      • Ashli Daisy Gilbert

        They mentioned the Sarah Jane Chronicles which is a Doctor Who spinoff…like Torchwood.

        • RockyJohan

          yeah they fucked up

          • Elizabeth Maddison

            No they didn’t. Ten actors who were in both GoT and Doctor Who, and a bonus one who was in the SJC.

          • Burn Gorman was listed as a bonus as well.

      • Charlie Ryan Six

        the same actress was also in an episode of Doctor Who though

      • Amanda Kelly

        Torchwood is both a spin off and anagram of Doctor Who. Besides it’s Doctor Who, not Dr Who.

      • It’s set in the Doctor Who universe. Also, “Torchwood” is an anagram of “Doctor Who”–it was used as the code word for the original project to revive the show circa 2005.

        And since a synonym of “gay” is “f..king fabulous” I will happily agree with your fake username, Mister Twelve Year Old.

      • Hosfac

        They’re all related.

      • It’s doctor who. Not dr. Who.

      • callum craig

        ah but captain jack originates from the doctor who episode with christopher eclestone in the first series of new who

      • matthewsee

        Torchwood is a Doctor Who spin-off and should be counted as well.

      • matthewsee

        The article says Doctor Who universe.

  • Phoenix1664

    I think spin-offs should count

    • Ashli Daisy Gilbert


  • Aimee

    We shall soon be adding Mark Gatiss to this list 😀

  • Delena4ever

    Mark Gatiss also in GOT new season and he palys in doctor who lazarus

    • Steven Charlton

      He also played Gantok at the start of The Wedding Of River Song…

    • Mandi

      He’s also in Sherlock

      • Michelle Brown

        He was also in Wolf Hall, and so was Harry Lloyd

  • Scott Sandler

    David Bradley as William Hartnell, An Adventure in Space and Time

  • Mike

    The father in Vampires of Venice who got blown up in the powder room was also in Game of Thrones

    • Jemmz

      As was the alien mother. Lady Lysa Arryn..

      • DiaShoni

        No, the woman who played the mother in Vampires of Venice played Narcissa Malfoy in Harry Potter. Not the same actress.

  • Lee James Gannon

    Owen Teale was in the Doctor Who story Vengeance on Varos and the Torchwood episode Countrycide and plays Alliser Thorne in GOT.

  • golfwidow

    If spinoffs do count, then we could add Indira Varma, who played Suzie Costello (also Torchwood) and Ellaria Sand on GoT.

  • DocThor

    Lucian Msamati as Sallahador Saan in GOT

  • DocThor

    Robert Pugh as Craster in GOT

  • Sam Chatoyant

    Burn Gorman was also in Pacific Rim

  • Bill Berna

    Julian Glover also played Davros in The Stolen Earth and Journeys End.

    • Aengus Fallon

      No, he didn’t. That was Julian Beach.

  • ChadCMulligan

    Julian Glover as Grand Maester Pycelle and as Scaroth in ‘City of Death’

    Just hadn’t twigged this at all – something of an OMG moment

    • Daniel Sadler

      He was the bad guy in Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade too…What an asshole!

      • ChadCMulligan

        Wasn’t he also seen driving an AT-AT across the ice planet Hoth, destroying rebel bases in his wake? An all-round rotter.

  • Lady Warwick

    They don’t mention that David Bradley played Bill Hartnell playing the first Doctor….jeesh…lol…

    • Dan Short

      Probably because that wasn’t ‘in’ Doctor Who, it was just ‘about’ Doctor Who 😛

      • Lady Warwick

        Bah! doesn’t matter LOL! he was playing the doctor in that way 😛

  • dwmakesyouhot

    Mark Gatiss is in it and he was in DW

  • Ally Boots

    what about “would you care for some tea” – Daleks

  • pearls994ever

    This is irrelevant. It is a rite of passage for every British actor to be on Doctor Who. That is a fact.

    • Rose

      But my favourite British actor (Martin Freeman) has never been on Doctor Who!

      • Dramine13

        Nor my favourite of Alan Rickman!

  • yuriko

    You forgot in tooth and claw, jamie Sives who played Jory cassel in season 1… and Ron donachie, his uncle rodrik cassel.

  • Pretty sure the last two don’t count.

    • Jeremy Ross

      Pretty sure you’re an idiot. They’re listed as bonuses because they were in spinoffs of Doctor Who. Learn to read.

  • J. Wells

    All of these characters that appeared in GoT first appeared in Doctor Who…just saying. The title of this article should be changed around to “11 actors from Doctor Who that appear in Game of Thrones.”

  • Brady

    David Bradley also played the first doctor in An Adventure in Time and Space.

  • Tony Peterson

    She hasn’t been in G.O.T. but Jenna Coleman is dating Richard Madden….. well, last I heard anyways.

  • Melissa Smith

    Well if they are gonna count Torchwood, may as well add Indira Varma. She was Suzie in Torchwood, the agent Gwen replaces & Ellaria Sands on GoT.

  • Jenn Ramme

    Dont forget all the actors from “Merlin” and “Robin Hood” that showed up around the Doctor, too!

  • BURN GORMAN IS IN GOT??? Hm. I may reconsider not watching.

  • Lars Eriksson

    There were at least three cases of Game of Thrones actors appearing in Series 8 of Doctor Who:
    Tony Way (Ser Dontos Hollard) had a quite small appearance in episode 8.01, Deep Breath.
    Ben Crompton (Dolorous Edd Tollett) was one of the soldiers in episode 8.02, Into the Dalek.
    and Roger Ashton-Griffiths (Mace Tyrell) had a very brief appearance in episode 8.03, Robot of Sherwood.

  • Hamish

    Where are Dolorous Edd (Ben Crompton) and Ser Dontos (Tony Way) from the first two episodes of the Capaldi season?

  • Kenny Ross

    Jamie Sives in the first series starks right hand man

  • feetlebaum

    Game of what?

  • Jeremy Ross

    Anybody that states that the last two don’t count is an idiot. Sarah Jane Adventures and Torchwood are both spinoffs that take place in the Doctor Who universe. So they count. End of discussion. Besides, they were listed as bonuses anyway.

  • Brian McFadden

    Owen Teale plays Allister Thorne in GoT & played Ewan Sherman in the episode “Countrycide” of Torchwood

  • Me1981

    Well we all know Britain only has 12 Actors.

    • EdwinDroom

      True. And we have to send half of them to America to fill the leading roles there…

  • Angelique

    I would like to point out the obvious. The Game of Throne’s has nearly an entire cast of folks from the UK it only stands to reason that the folks in Doctor Who, Torchwood, and SJA would all be in GoT since those are BBC made shows.
    I mean that’s sort of like getting excited that David Duchovny is in The X Files, Californication, Twin Peaks, and Sex In the City.
    There’s a good chance in the years to come we’ll see a few more of the GoT actors in Doctor Who.

  • Mr. J-for-Joker

    David Bradley wasn’t just in Doctor Who as Solomon, but also playing as William Hartnell in the Doctor Who: ‘An Adventure in Time and Space’ movie.

  • Chahk Noir

    Welcome to the BBC. We have 4 sets, 20 actors, and 7 writers.

  • PirateKing

    Lucian Msamati plays Guido in Vampires of Venice in Season 5 of Doctor Who and plays Salladhor Saan in Game of Thrones from Season 2 and onwards.

  • Nathan

    OH GOD! I forgot about Crimson Horror…..damn it, article. I was happier when I forgot Crimson Horror existed. Oh well, no season has a PERFECT run

  • Seattle_bound

    Torchwood, and Sarah Jane Adventures is NOT Doctor Who. Do you not understand the concept of Spin-offs not being the exact show?

  • matthewsee

    For those who have said that Torchwood and SJA is not Doctor Who, the article clearly says Doctor Who universe and therefore Torchwood and SJA actors does count as set out in the parameters of this article.

  • Sam Norton

    Craster’s actor was in Doctor Who