5 big questions that ‘Star Wars: Episode VIII’ will need to answer


Star Wars: The Force Awakens

When the credits rolled at the end of The Force Awakens, with Rey holding out a lightsaber towards Luke Skywalker, the question on most people’s lips – when they got their breath back – was probably something like ‘OMG LUKE WHERE HAS HE BEEN WHAT HAPPENED TO HIM HOW LONG DO I HAVE TO WAIT BEFORE THE NEXT FILM COMES OUT HANG ON WTF WAS THAT GEORGE OSBORNE’S NAME IN THE CREDITS?’

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But there are other questions posed in the seventh Star Wars movie that will need to be answered in 2017’s eighth big screen adventure.

Here are a few of them…


Where did Kylo Ren get his grandfather’s mask?

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Darth Vader mask

Although he looks like the result of Severus Snape having a one night stand with David Walliams, Kylo Ren is a worthy successor to Darth Vader.

Vacillating between conflicted, petulant permo-teen and Force-wielding badass in a way that Hayden Christiansen can only dream of, Adam Driver is compellingly creepy. If Ren doesn’t quite have the presence of his asthmatic grandfather, it’s only because no one does.

Vader is an icon; everyone else is playing catch-up. ‘Rylo Ken’ (as many find themselves calling him) isn’t far behind, though – and the mystery surrounding his antecedents only deepens his gravitas.

How was the son of authentic heroes Han Solo and Leia Organa seduced to the Dark Side of the Force? Who or what are the Knights of Ren and what is their connection to the Jedi order Luke Skywalker tried – and failed – to establish? Where did Kylo get hold of gramps’s burned and battered face mask? And what is his relationship with Rey?

Speaking of whom….


Who are Rey’s family?

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Rey Daisy Ridley

Popular theory suggests Rey is Han and Leia’s other child: Kylo Ren’s twin sister.

The Force Awakens contains several gentle nods in this direction: Rey’s affinity with the Millennium Falcon and Chewbacca; the way Han looks at her and the maternal hug she receives from Leia after Han’s death; even the reference to her eyes from Maz Kanata in that teaser trailer, although that could be more of a red herring than a clue.

But if this is the case, why doesn’t Leia or (particularly) Han say something either to or about her? Why would they abandon their daughter to a scavenging existence on Jakku when Kylo was trained to be Jedi Knight?

More to the point, why doesn’t Kylo himself refer to their relationship – either when he’s reading her mind or invading her personal space? If neither of them knows the other exists, did their parents separate them to protect them from the remnants of the Empire (much as Luke and Leia were kept apart by the splintering remains of the Rebellion years before) or are they not related at all?

The latter sounds more likely. Given that Rey has an English accent, preternatural Jedi abilities, lives as a hermit on a desert planet and has a familiar way of sneaking around bases patrolled by Stormtroopers, what if she’s actually a descendant – granddaughter, maybe – of Obi-Wan Kenobi?

It would certainly explain why she heard the familiar tones of Obi-Wan saying, ‘Rey, these are your first steps’ (and yep, that really was Ewan McGregor’s voice!) when she touched the lightsaber in Maz’s basement.

Speaking of which…


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  • Allen Santee Summers

    A death stick dealer.

  • LostBoyPA

    As this site is well aware, higher powers owing favors and granting things has a well-established precedent in Science Fiction. See Also: They Time of the Doctor.

    That said, Han Solo is owed BIG by The Force. We’ve all seen his work with the Rebellion. And sometime between the Battle of Endor and his recovery of the Falcon in TFA, Han came to accept The Force for what it is, going so far as to say so (“It’s all true. All of it.”) So, while he may not be Force-sensitive, he was a skeptic who came around in the end.

    Much as the Gallifreyans owed The Doctor for saving him (thus granting him a new set of regenerations), The Force owes Han Solo for his work bettering the Galaxy Far, Far Away, and should grant him (at the very least) the ability to return as a Force Ghost.

    HOWEVER: and this is important. Harrison Ford has stated, many times over the years, that he’s “over it.” It is highly likely that Ford’s participation in Episode VII was contingent on the death of Han Solo, a sign that he’s probably not interested in returning to the character again. My guess? He came back for the fans, and to advance the story of the Skywalker clan, and gave his last performance to that effect.

    We can hope, sure. But not bloody likely that he’ll return.

    I wanna know how Katana got her hands on the Skywalker saber. That’s my big question. It (and Luke’s hand) weren’t seen after a shot of them tumbling down the shaft in Cloud City. They didn’t travel with him down the chute, and weren’t what tumbled out into the atmosphere of Bespin when he was left to dangle on the antenna.

    Probability stands with them taking a different path. Man, that theme comes up a lot in Star Wars, doesn’t it?

    My guess is not so much Lando Calrissian, but Lobot. As Calrissian’s personal security, he would likely be in charge of that department all over Cloud City – if something goes on, Lobot knows about it. Thus, it’s probably Lobot who found the saber. What he did with it after that is anyone’s guess, but ultimately, it ends up in a box in Katana’s basement. You could probably do a stand-alone feature on this story alone, I’d wager.

    10 quid says Rey is Luke’s daughter. Those flashback voices are distinctly Skywalker related, after all, even with the inclusion of both Obi-wan Actors in the voices. And her story mirrors Luke’s: Abandoned on a desert planet at a young age, wishing for something more, and discovering a latent but powerful connection to The Force. I’m willing to bet that, after the betrayal of Ben Solo/Kylo Ren, Rey was taken by Luke (or possibly her mother, whoever she may be) to Jakku to save her from Kylo.

    Just theories, mind you. But hey, isn’t that what we do as fans?

    • CyberNigma

      I don’t think the Force would care about him bettering the galaxy, unless you’re specifically referring to one side/attribute (the light side) of it. Even then I’d suspect the other side/attribute (the dark side) of the Force would be just as determined (if that’s a thing) to PREVENT him from surviving.

      Taken as a whole the Force is neutral/balanced, I believe. As such it doesn’t really owe Han anything. It did owe Anakin everything, which it paid by making him a force ghost without him having to train (assumption) since he did bring balance to the force by killing all those extra Jedi…

  • Rich Pratt

    How was Kylo Ren seduced to the Dark Side? They did a pretty good job of showing he couldn’t control his emotions, a little too much of his father in him I’d guess.

    • Consti2tion

      Except instead of blaming Han for his emotions, they say he has too much Vader in him. I think part of his fall to the Dark side involves feeling abandoned by his parents who pass him off on Luke to train him.

    • Roman Cruz

      You mean a little too much of his grandfather. Han may be reckless, but he’s never let his emotions get the better of him.

  • Mert Önar

    Two words : Rey Solo

    • Kent Wreckless Morgan

      that would definitely ruin the new trilogy. you have to admit that would be terrible writing.

  • Brian Vickery

    JJ came out and said he’s dead. Also, look at Leai’s reaction to it all. It’s akin to Ben and what happened to Alderaan.

  • Doug Rogers

    Why does everyone assume Rey is Han and Leia’s? Why not Luke’s kid?

    Personally is Han dead and where is Lando wouldn’t be in my Top 5 questions that need to be answered. I would replace those with “How did Rey all of a sudden get stronger during her fight with Kylo Ren” and “Is Finn also force sensitive”.

  • Mike King

    Luke can survive the fall at Bespin, but your imagination can’t stretch to some scavenger finding the hand and lightsaber (a move foreshadowed by Family Guy btw) and stowing it?

    • Kent Wreckless Morgan

      considering that bespin is a gas giant planet, it is very unlikely that someone just “found it”

  • Craig Goldsmith

    Couple of points.

    Its actually Ewan McGregor and Alec Guinness speaking in the light saber induced “vision”.

    The is Han still alive theory, not only did he get Light sabered, then fell into the abyss but the entire Starkiller planet was subsequently blown to kingdom come just minutes later. Given the only Allies (we know of) on the planet are all accounted for, it would take some really finagling to bring him back.
    (At a stretch maybe Captain Phasma finds him and bugs out before the explosion??? but that’s a huge stretch). I personally would prefer him to be dead, and don’t expect him to show up as a ‘force ghost” in future films.

    Rey’s parentage is fun a mystery, I first assumed Luke’s her dad after my first viewing but I’m not sure if that and the Han/Leia options are too obvious. But who knows lets wait and see for the next movie. Hadn’t even considered Obi-wan having a kid, I doubt he had much contact with people being a hermit on Tatooine.

  • John

    What if Finn is Lando’s son stolen at birth?

    • Cindy

      Oh I like that idea!

  • Creg23

    I think the most pressing question for me is what’s going to happen to Finn? There is a lot of evidence in the film to show that he is force sensitive but it hasn’t been addressed and I would be far more interested to see his journey to being a Jedi simply because he has so much to learn and he’s already struggled so much. Since Rey has taken both the role of Han Solo (Pilot of the Falcon with Chewie) and Luke Skywalker (Chosen one) this leaves Finn’s fate and overall place in the Star Wars universe a complete mystery.

  • sunnyday72

    It’s Maz Kanata, not Katana.

    I think Rey is either Luke’s child or a descendant of Obi-Wan Kenobi. I really don’t think they’do do the separated twins thing again. I think Han told Leia all about Rey and her skills, and Leia knew she’d seen Han die, and that was why she hugged her like that at the end.

    • Consti2tion

      Maz Tells her that the Light saber belongs to her, as that light saber was Anakin/Lukes then its only natural that she be related to Luke and not Obi wan.

    • V Tenala

      Both the women Obi-wan loved died and we know neither were pregnant with his child, plus he was a committed Jedi despite falling in love. However it is totally plausible that she is Leia and Han’s daughter partly because twins run in the family, more evidence comes from how Rey is as strong as Ben Solo/Kylo Ren in the force even without training (example: her resistance to his mental intrusions and how easily she managed to force persuade the trooper) which could be explained by their relation. Additionally we cannot forget the Luke will have taken guidence from Yoda (of all Jedi) and thus probably wouldn’t have engaged in any relations with women that would result in children. And I know the whole re-hash of A New Hope thing was kind of an introduction to everything but, it’s not improbable they would separate another set of twins. Perhaps it was Luke’s idea or even Yoda/Obi-wan convincing Luke to persuade Leia and Han to hide their second child due to the children’s combined power which Yoda would see as dangerous (like with Anakin).

  • Roman Cruz

    Isn’t it obvious that Han is dead? That scene was shot exactly how one would shoot a goodbye scene, from the shots, to the lighting, to the acting, to the score.

    Then there’s the fact that Harrison Ford has said a long time ago that he wanted Han dead since the 80’s. I wouldn’t be surprised if he took on the role because Abrams promised him a meaningful death.

  • Kent Wreckless Morgan

    if they reveal that rey is leia and han’s OTHER KID. I’ll seriously shit. I would walk out of the theatre. that would be so fucking stupid.

  • Ashante Jefferson

    Rey is a secret clone of Luke. That’s why she retains his skills and some memories. She has Anakin’s affinity for machines. She feels familiar to Leia and Han because of their connection to Luke. They would have had no reason to leave Rey on a planet. Luke would leave Rey on a planet similar to the one he was on before he joined the Rebellion. Her guardian must have died. That’s also why she has a connection to the lightsaber; it’s hers.

  • Nathan BeBonang

    I believe Rey is Luke Skywalker’s daughter think of the comment this was Luke’s fathers he was drawn to it as you were now

  • Nathan BeBonang

    I believe Rey is Luke Skywalker’s daughter think of the comment this was Luke’s fathers he was drawn to it as you were now

  • Nagy László

    Rey is the daughter of the Starkiller, that would answer a few question.