‘Silk’: Our hopes for Series 3

Following the gripping conclusion of legal drama Silk‘s second series last week on BBC One, we explore some of our hopes for the recently-announced Series 3.

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1. Series 1 gave us the scandalous implication that, shock horror, Martha has a sex life. A gripping storyline in which an attack from one of her clients causes her to miscarry was mysteriously forgotten and didn’t merit a mention in the second series. This alone is a shame as any chance to peek beneath Martha’s hard no nonsense exterior is inevitably intriguing, but following the veiled hint that the baby might have been Clive’s… well that’s something we’d like to hear more about.

2. Clive’s career threatening Bar Standards Board inquest disappears rather too easily. It seems improbable that a bit of mere violence from Billy would convince the accusing barrister to withdraw the complaint. We’ll wager we haven’t seen the last of the Bar Standards Board.

3. The relationship between junior clerk Jake and new girl Bethany, whilst fulfilling little purpose in the grand scheme of the narrative, is a sweet subplot that could be developed in the next series.

4. Jon – the clerk who attempted to undercut Billy and steal half of the chambers – is, inexplicably, still in a job. Not only that, but he continues to be extremely unpleasant to all other characters and wears a permanent scowl. He needs to hop it off to another chambers or stop looking so sour and start doing something interesting.

5. Inter-chambers politics is always a winner theme wise and writer Peter Moffat has left the door to CW’s entry into the chambers open, with Clive’s vote the swinger. It will be intriguing to see whether Clive upholds his moral obligation to rat out her alcoholism or whether he utilises his position to some advantage…

6. Billy, the loveable rogue who is sailing extremely close to the wind, is at risk from several angles which doesn’t bode well for his continuing appearance next series. A ‘You’re dead, you know that?’ threat from Mickey Joy, his aggressive cancer and his violent behaviour bailing Clive out with the Bar Standards Board could well result in an explosive end for our Billy.

7. The new, rather dashing and mature pupil Daniel has certainly made an impression on Martha. To the extent that Billy has already felt the need to have a word of warning. Whilst it may be frowned upon, we’ll certainly keep our fingers crossed that there is more to come from this relationship.

8. Series 3 could see more interrelation between the law and the police which could neatly lead to an interesting case for Daniel – putting him in difficult position as result of his background in the Forces.

9. Some new pupils always tend to mix it up and there will no doubt be some new little upstarts for Martha and Clive to babysit in Series 3. What with the current and previous pupils covering the relationship dynamic, perhaps someone whose natural ability rivals Martha might make for a fascinating storyline.

10. Following the success of Jody Farr and in particular Mickey Joy, we have high hopes for the next master villain up Moffat’s sleeve. It will certainly have to be a good’un to up the ante on the last few; a terrifying prospect.

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