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Rewind: ‘Crime Traveller’ revisited

What was it about?

A novel blend of police procedural and time travel drama, BBC One’s Crime Traveller saw Detective Jeff Slade and police science officer Holly Turner solve crimes and catch the bad guys using Holly's time machine (a futuristic desk, basically). Written by author and script writer Anthony Horowitz (the Alex Rider books, Foyle’s War), you can pretty much sum up the entire premise of the show as 'Wibbly-wobbly, Crimey-wimey'.

Rewind: ‘Highway to Heaven’ revisited

Although the righteousness occasionally sinks into saccharine sanctimony and the bad guys are often stereotyped beyond belief, there’s still a lot of mileage in Highway to Heaven.

James Bond rewatch: ‘From Russia with Love’

Despite its dated subject matter, From Russia with Love serves as a testament to a time where films relied more on their story and characters, presenting a true representation of the man Ian Fleming originally created.

James Bond rewatch: ‘Dr. No’

The big sets, larger than life villain with a grand scheme, sexy girls and exotic locales are all there, but Dr.No's story is compact, direct and linear.

Rewind: ‘Earth 2’ revisited

In 2192, Planet Earth is in a dismal state, blighted by overpopulation and pollution, and the majority of its inhabitants have been forced to move off-world to orbiting space stations.