‘Sherlock’ gym playlist: 6 tracks to workout to

Ever wondered what Mycroft listens to on the treadmill?

We’ve put together the ultimate Sherlock workout playlist, featuring tracks from the original soundtrack by David Arnold and Michael Price…

The gym is on! (Sorry.)


‘How It Was Done’ (Series 3)


‘The Game is On’ (Series 1)


‘Lestrade: The Movie’ (Series 3)


‘Redbeard’ (Series 3)


‘Prepared to do Anything’ (Series 2)


‘John is Quite a Guy’ (Series 3)


> Buy the Series 1 album on Amazon.

> Buy the Series 2 album on Amazon.

> Buy the Series 3 album on Amazon.

Which other tracks would be on your playlist? Let us know below…

  • Kajetan

    It’s really cool if you play them all at the same time 😉

  • Red

    Have been listening to these soundtracks nearly non-stop for weeks! ‘How it was Done’ is a great tune for Monday mornings…really revs you up for the day/week!