Doctor Who: Peter Capaldi films final scenes in Cardiff

Doctor Who

It turns out that there was just a little bit more work left on the Doctor Who Christmas special. Last Friday, a ‘golden wrap party’ took place for the show, which seemed to be Peter Capaldi and Steven Moffat’s final end of production shindig. It also seemed to suggest that filming was done.

Well it wasn’t quite done then, but it is now.

Yesterday, at Roath Lock Studios in Cardiff, Peter Capaldi filmed his final Doctor Who scenes (save for any pick-up work and/or effects shots that need doing). And when he was done? He left the studio and talked to fans who were milling around.

He’s a class act, Peter Capaldi, and just take a look at some of the Tweets from yesterday, from those lucky enough to talk to him just after he’d wrapped up on Doctor Who filming…

Turns out it was Capaldi’s idea to go outside, meet the fans and say thank you. We’re going to miss him.

Thanks to the brilliant GirlyLetters for the heads up.